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Staff Advisory Council announces 2015 election results

SAC-logo-FINALThe Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2015 spring election. Thirteen new SAC representatives from across the University staff have been elected. New council members are: Landon Burrow (FACS: Maintenance Team 4), James Coffey (FACS: Custodial Services), Lou Gusbar (School of Business- Student Academic Services), Lauren Largen (Graylyn: Ads & Promotions), Sherry Long (Athletics: Student Athletes Services), Ellie Shannon (Athletics: Administration), Shelley Sizemore (Campus Life), Darlene Starnes (Multicultural Affairs), Barbara Stephens-Macri (Human Resources), Amanda Tingle (Dean of Wake Forest College), Amalia Wagner (Office of the Provost), Sandra Whicker (Admissions: Undergraduate), and Sarah Wojcik-Gross (Information Systems).

In addition to newly elected representatives, Artanzia Yates (Information Systems) and Scott Spernoga (Athletics: Sports Medicine) have been re-elected to serve an additional term. Each SAC representative will serve a term of three years and may be re-elected to serve one additional term.

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Wake the eBooks: Audio Books, Ad Hoc

ZSR’s digital publishing administrator Bill Kane is offering “Wake the eBooks: Audio Books, Ad Hoc” through the the PDC on Tuesday, Dec. 2, from 2-4 p.m.

The course will cover how Digital Publishing @ Wake can turn digital documents into highly accessible, highly consumable, and highly mobile-friendly “listen-able” texts — enhancing teaching, learning, and reading across the classroom, campus and community.

Audio samples are available online: “Talking Text: A Readspeaker + Tizra Test Document Collection.”

For more information, contact Bill Kane at kanewp@nullwfu.edu or 336-758-6181.

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Duin publishes ebook with WFU Digital Publishing



Steve Duin (’76, MA ’79) has published his first novel in ebook format with Wake Forest University Digital Publishing.

“The Less We Touch” is the story of winners and losers, players and coaches, kids and parents — their games familiar but haunting; sometimes funny but not really fun; ultimately more chilling than thrilling.

“Steve’s a great storyteller,” said Bill Kane, the director of digital publishing at Wake, “and we’re honored to host his foray into long-form narrative on our fledgling digital publishing platform. He’s already an accomplished writer, and we’re really happy to help deliver high quality ebook content to his deserving readers.”

Duin has written column for The Oregonian since 1984. Read more »

“The Less We Touch” is available here: http://wfu.tizrapublisher.com/the-less-we-touch

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Digital Publishing helps student publish poetry

Digital Publishing at Wake Forest is pleased to announce the recent publication of a collection of poems by first-year student Samantha Seto (setos13@nullwfu.edu), now available here: http://wfu.tizrapublisher.com/midnight-by-samantha-seto/.

Seto may be new to WFU, but she’s been writing poetry for years, and has been looking for ways to get published for just as long.

“When I found out I could publish my poems as an e-book, I jumped at the chance,” Seto said. “Digital Publishing at Wake Forest gives my work exposure I just couldn’t have gotten from traditional poetry magazines. I am really proud of my poems, and I am really proud of my school for supporting my work this way.”

Digital Publishing’s Bill Kane said: “Had Samantha gone the traditional publishing route, she might’ve had to hire an agent, or wait two years, or both, just to get her poems in front of an editor — there’s often a lot of rejection in the meantime, especially for young poets, and the last thing we want to do is discourage young writers.”

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Faculty, staff hit the bricks

Bill Kane listens to some helpful hints from the Deacon.

Bill Kane listens to some helpful hints from the Deacon.

Faculty and staff helped the Wake Forest community “Hit the Bricks” hard this year, joining with students to run nearly 23,000 laps around Hearn Plaza and to raise close to $30,000 for cancer research and the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund.

Overall, 17 faculty and staff teams participated this year. Click to view a photo gallery »

The top five teams in the faculty/staff division were:

  1. Crusaders (504 laps): Charlene Buckley, James Buckley, Kevin Cox, Ryan Scholl, Brett Eaton, Sean Daly, Rob McNamara, Phil May, Michael Shuman, James Torrible
  2. The Committee (Undergraduate Admissions, 417 laps): Dawn Calhoun, Paul Gauthier, Frank Brown, Lori Pilon, Brett Kaiser, Victoria Hill, Jennie Harris, Megan Massey, Ethan Groce
  3. Alumni Haul (Undergraduate Advancement, 378 laps): Paul Wingate, Mark Anderson, Mike Haggas, Stuart Tucker, Sarah Boerkircher, Megan Donovan, Pamela Bunten, Liz White, Curtis Bloomer, Sandy Saulpaugh
  4. Chemistry Department (378 laps): Megan Rudock, Rebecca Alexander, Mark Welker, David Wren, Amanda Jones, Kathryn Riley, Craig Clodfelter, Sarah Bergman, Lindsay Macnamara, Justin Piedad
  5. ZSR Library (290 laps): Barry Davis (captain), Susan Smith, Rebecca Petersen, Joy Gambill, Peter Romanov, Patrick Ferrell, Craig Fansler, Bill Kane, Chelcie Rowell, Lauren Suffoletto, Rosalind Tedford, Tanya Zanish-Belcher (for more from ZSR, see their blog, Flickr)

“Hit the Bricks” is part of a series of student-run events and activities to honor the former Chicago Bears running back, Brian Piccolo, who attended Wake Forest in the 1960s. The 1971 film, “Brian’s Song,” was based on the real-life relationship between teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers and the bond established when Piccolo discovers he is dying of cancer at the age of 26.

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