Digital Publishing helps student publish poetry

Digital Publishing at Wake Forest is pleased to announce the recent publication of a collection of poems by first-year student Samantha Seto (, now available here:

Seto may be new to WFU, but she’s been writing poetry for years, and has been looking for ways to get published for just as long.

“When I found out I could publish my poems as an e-book, I jumped at the chance,” Seto said. “Digital Publishing at Wake Forest gives my work exposure I just couldn’t have gotten from traditional poetry magazines. I am really proud of my poems, and I am really proud of my school for supporting my work this way.”

Digital Publishing’s Bill Kane said: “Had Samantha gone the traditional publishing route, she might’ve had to hire an agent, or wait two years, or both, just to get her poems in front of an editor — there’s often a lot of rejection in the meantime, especially for young poets, and the last thing we want to do is discourage young writers.”