Human Resources posts list of 2018-19 faculty, staff retirees

The Human Resources Office recently posted a list of 2018-19 Wake Forest University retirees on its website.

The list includes 30 retiring faculty and staff members “who represent nearly 660 combined years of service,” according to the HR website.

The entire list is here.

Reminder: Tests of emergency alert systems begin today, May 21

UPDATE:  An unexpected delay caused a rescheduling of today’s outdoor alert test for about 2:15 p.m. today.

This announcement was emailed to students, faculty and staff on the morning of May 21 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

Tests of Wake Forest’s emergency alert systems begin today.

The outdoor alert system is scheduled to be tested today, May 21, at 12 p.m. (Originally, it was scheduled for 1 p.m.)

The indoor alert systems are scheduled to be tested May 22-24.  Potentially, the testing will require less than three days.  Testing is scheduled to take place during regular business hours, starting around 8 a.m. and concluding around 5 p.m.

No action will be required by anyone who hears the announcements made during the tests.

Both outdoor and indoor alerts are part of Wake Forest’s comprehensive Wake Alert emergency notification system.

The indoor alerts will be tested in the following buildings:

  • Dailey Golf Center
  • Haddock House
  • Benson University Center
  • Greene Hall
  • Salem Hall
  • Winston Hall
  • Tribble Hall
  • South Residence Hall
  • Davis Residence Hall
  • Angelou Hall
  • Poteat Residence Hall
  • Huffman Residence Hall
  • Luter Residence Hall
  • Babcock Residence Hall
  • Johnson Residence Hall
  • Bostwick Residence Hall
  • Collins Residence Hall

Previously recorded indoor alert messages will announce such situations as an active shooter, an armed intruder, a tornado and general weather alert.  Announcements directing people to shelter in place and to evacuate a building will be made, too.  In addition, an all-clear message will be made.  The announcements will come from speakers in the buildings.

When the outdoor alert system is tested, people will hear a previously recorded all-clear message, an armed intruder message, a chemical hazard message and a test message.  The announcements will come from outdoor speakers set up at various campus locations.

If an actual emergency were to occur during the testing, the University would use numerous alert methods simultaneously to inform the campus.


Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Proposals funded: Salsbury, Katula, Messier

Congratulations to Fred Salsbury, professor of physics, whose proposal entitled “Computational Biosciences Support” has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and by (subaward/subcontract from) Wake Forest University Health Sciences.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Katula, associate professor of health and exercise science, whose proposal entitled “Strategic Grant–U.S. POINTER Study” has been funded by the Alzheimer;s Association and by (subaward/subcontract from) Rush University Medical Center.

Congratulations to Stephen Messier, professor of health and exercise science, whose proposal entitled “Optimizing the value of pain management in knee osteoarthritis patients with comorbidities” has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and by (subaward/subcontract from) The Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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Faculty books: April 2019

Hall, Mark A., Nicholas Bagley, & David Orentlicher. (Law). The Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation, 4th ed. Aspen. November 2018.

Saikia, Yasmin, & M. Raisur Rahman, Eds. (History) The Cambridge Companion to Sayyid Ahmad Khan. Cambridge University Press. March 2019.

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Pint of Science: Wake Forest joins in sharing community conversations about science

From tattoos to fossils to weather forecasting, Wake Forest University and Wake Downtown are partnering with community organizations and businesses to demystify science with talks at Winston-Salem breweries by local researchers. The talks are part of the international Pint of Science festival.

Pint of Science, an annual event that takes place every May, brings researchers to local pubs and breweries to show the latest happenings in the world of science. The festival began in London in 2013 and has since spread to nearly 300 cities in dozens of countries around the world, providing an informal platform for dialogue between the STEM community and curious members of the public, with no prior subject knowledge required. This is the first year that Pint of Science will take place in Winston-Salem.

Local Pint of Science events following three themes will take place at 6:30 p.m. in three Winston-Salem breweries May 20-22.

The event marks the launch of a new initiative called The Science of Winston Salem (TSO WS), using the arts, popular culture and Winston-Salem’s unique history to enhance the scientific literacy of the community.

More details here.

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Chaplain's Emergency Fund
As you consider opportunities to give, the Chaplain’s Emergency Fund supports Wake Forest community members experiencing financial hardship.

Business 40 Traffic Advisory

Business 40 from US-52 to Peters Creek Parkway is closed, effective Nov. 17, 2018, until 2020. 

N.C. DOT details and updates:
Announcement | Website | Facebook

Driving to Reynolda Campus: Directions

Live traffic: Google Maps |
Waze app (Google | Apple)

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