Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident

On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare – a widely used provider of healthcare billing and data systems – disclosed a cybersecurity incident that had ramifications across the healthcare industry, impacting an estimated one in three Americans. On June 24, 2024, Wake Forest was made aware that the personal and health information of those enrolled in the University’s health plans may have been involved in this incident.

Although Wake Forest does not have confirmation of any impact on University employees and individuals enrolled in the health plans, we want to make you aware that Change Healthcare is offering two years of free credit monitoring and identity protection services to those who are concerned about their personal data. Wake Forest employees are encouraged to proactively enroll in this complimentary credit monitoring and identity protection services either online or by calling 1-888-846-4705.

Change Healthcare (a UnitedHealth/Optum-owned company) provides services to healthcare providers, health insurance plans and other companies from which individuals may have received health services or health insurance.

Change Healthcare’s forensic review is ongoing, and the number and identity of individuals impacted, as well as the nature of the information and the scope of years impacted, are not fully known. Once individuals are identified, Change Healthcare will send one letter to each person impacted, identifying all the entities on whose behalf they are providing notice. Impacted individuals likely will receive these notices beginning in late July 2024.

Additional information on this website includes frequently asked questions and information about Change Healthcare’s notification plans.

Ennea-what? An introduction to Enneagram (and yourself)

A guest post by Associate University Chaplain for Spiritual Formation Liz Orr on behalf of WFU’s Professional Development Center. Orr is the author of “The Unfiltered Enneagram: A Witty and Wise Guide to Self-Compassion.”

“The Ennea-what?” is the most common response I get from well-meaning strangers when, upon learning that I’ve written a book, they earnestly ask me what the book is about.  While it’s enjoying some new-found fame on social media, the Enneagram is still somewhat modest in its fanbase, compared to similar frameworks like the Myers Briggs, Strengthsfinder, and even astrology.  While the Enneagram is, in one sense, a personality typing system, in another, it’s so much more than that – but with formal training on the Enneagram being enormously expensive and time-consuming, most people are left to sift through the Wild West of the internet, whiplashed between dense, inaccessible content written by self-serious and self-appointed “experts,” and fluffy, entertaining but unstructured and ultimately unhelpful listicles about what Enneagram Type your favorite character from Gilmore Girls is.

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Comings and goings

See the list of employees who recently joined or left the University.

We look forward to working with new Wake Forest employees and appreciate the service of those who have moved on.



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University Activity Space now available for Reynolda Campus events

Do you need a unique space to hold a departmental retreat, meeting or training?

The University Activity Space is now available to host Reynolda Campus department events for faculty and staff. Review this policy manual and reserve the space by visiting DeaconSpace and selecting the venue listed on the “Campus Auditoriums, Multipurpose, Outdoor Spaces” template.

For additional information visit the University Activity Space website or contact Nick Orman at

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International Travel Forms reminder

A message from WFU Global Programs & Studies

This is a friendly reminder to complete International Travel Forms for all University-sponsored international travel.

University-sponsored international travel includes any educational or business travel that is Wake Forest-sponsored, Wake Forest-administered, Wake Forest-organized, or conducted within one’s capacity as a representative of the University, regardless of credit or funding.

All required forms must be submitted at least one month before individual travel begins. Email with questions. We are grateful for your assistance in keeping the WFU community in compliance with this policy.

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Chaplain's Emergency Fund
As you consider opportunities to give, the Chaplain’s Emergency Fund supports Wake Forest community members experiencing financial hardship.



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