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Z. Smith Reynolds Library

September 2014 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in September 2014:


Badalamente, Peter Roy; Library Specialist; Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Ballentine, Bria Symone; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Brocato, Nicole Whyms; Wellbeing Assessment Developer; Institutional Research
Charnoff, Neal; Host/Reporter; WFDD Radio
Cole, Michael Sloan; Locksmith; Facilities & Campus Services
Cumbia, Melissa L; Academic Counselor; College: Academic Support
Grachen, Joseph Ramsey; Director, Sports Perf. Women’s; Athletics: Weight Room
Guerra, Vanessa Isabel; Laboratory Research Technician; Biology
Hawkins, John Randal; Accompanist; Theatre: Dance
Hill, Lucinda Pitzer; Asst. Athletic Dir, Finance; Athletics
Hobbs, Matthew; Assistant Coach, Baseball; Athletics
Horita, David A.; Digital Project Manager; Biology
Kugler, Sara Haman; Associate Director,  Anna Proj; Provost Contingency/Initiative
Lawler, Brett Miles; Admissions Recruiter -Seasonal; School of Law
Lee, Christopher Austin; Tutor; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs
McLaughlin, Tamara P.; Assistant to Provost Emeritus; Provost Emeritus Office
Meyer, Heather Patterson; Staff Counselor/Psychologist; Counseling Center
Perry, Alicia Burdick; Account Manager; Graylyn
Phipps, Ashley Christine Graham; Employer Relations Coordinator; School of Business
Russell, Jessica Christine; Nurse, Night RN; Student Health Services
Saavedra, Yeniz; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Shambley, James Grant; Athletics Asst,ST-Athlete Serv; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs
Sharpee, Jacqueline  ; Asst Dir, Sports Marketing; Athletics
Taylor, William Zachary; Equipment Manager, Football; Athletics: Equipment Room
Todd, Wesley Evan; Assistant Director, Housing; Residence Life & Housing
Tomlinson, William Allen; UNIX Systems Admin Level II; Information Systems
Tribble, Mary C.; Sr Advisor, Engagement Strateg; Advancement: Alumni Services
Walker, Wende A; Administrative Coordinator; Learning Assistance Center
Warlick, Logan G; Fitness Cntr Asst Coordinator; Campus Recreation
Warmke, Brandon Dean; Character Proj. Postdoc Fellow; Philosophy
Williams, Christopher Hays; Director of Turf Management; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt
Wright, Sharyka Monique; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Yasin, Amber; Server; Graylyn
Young, Curry Lee; Lobby Attendant; Graylyn


Bordogna, Martha Carmen; Law: LL.M. Program
Goodrich, Amy Conrad; Student Insurance Prog Admin Dept
Gore, Katherine Signe; Athletics: Multimedia
Griffin, James Aaron; Athletics: Multimedia
Hanna, Erick; FACS: Custodial Services
Harper, Joshua James; Campus Recreation
Healy, Dennis Patrick; Athletics: Baseball
Jones, Lisa Gitchell; University Trustee’s
Petit, Gary M.; Athletics: Media Relations
Russo, Johnny Mike; University Police
Rutledge, James Ben; University Police
Springs, Ralfal P; FACS: Custodial Services

September 2014 faculty milestones

See a list of faculty milestones for September 2014:

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Chinese photo exhibition to debut at Wake Forest

Hope of Thick Rope invitationIn 2011, junior business and enterprise management major Ying’er Jin helped create a project in his home country of China called ”Hope of Thick Rope,” an annual photography display and fundraising effort.

This year’s focus is on the social customs of the people of Gansu Province’s desert region and the efforts of students from Hangzhou to bring attention to the need for greening of the desert. The project has received national renown within China as it seeks to draw attention to rural China and the socio-economic disparity that exists within the country.

The Center for Global Programs and Studies and the  Z. Smith Reynolds Library are hosting an opening reception for faculty, staff and students on Monday, Sept. 29, from 4-5:30 p.m. to welcome the student representatives accompanying the exhibit.

The photographs will be on display in the library atrium through October 10.

July 2014 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining the University in July 2014.

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August 2014 staff milestones

See a list of staff milestones for August 2014.

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Faculty milestones for August 2014

See a list of faculty milestones for August 2014.

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Proposals funded: Denlinger, Mitra, Thonhauser



Ananda Mitra


Timo Thonhauser


Congratulations to Kyle Denlinger, assistant librarian, whose proposal entitled “RootsMOOC: A Massive Open Online Course for Genealogy Research” has been funded by the State Library of North Carolina.

Congratulations to Ananda Mitra, professor of communications, whose proposal entitled “Hospice needs Assessment” has been funded by the Hospice of the Piedmont.

Congratulations to Timo Thonhauser, associate professor of physics, whose proposal entitled “Kinetics and Reactivity in Metal Organic Framework Materials” has been funded by the US Department of Energy and the University of Texas-Dallas (WFU funding agency).

July 2014 faculty milestones

See a list of faculty milestones in July 2014:

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July 2014 staff milestones

See a list of staff milestones for July 2014.

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News from the ZSR Library

ZSR faculty were recently elected to professional organization offices for terms starting July 1, 2014:

Wanda Brown (Associate Dean): Chair-Elect of the Human Resources Section of the Library Leadership and Management Association of the American Library Association (LLAMA-HRS); Board of Trustees of LYRASIS.

Thomas Dowling (Director of Technologies): Vice President/President-Elect of the Library Information and Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA).

Sarah Jeong (Science Librarian): Secretary of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA).

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