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Jarrod Atchison

Faculty promotions announced

Congratulations to Wake Forest University faculty who have received promotions, recently.

Promoted to full professor:

Miriam Ashley-Ross (Biology)
Michaelle Browers (Politics and International Affairs)
Judy Kem (Romance Languages)
Stephen Murphy (Romance Languages)

Promoted to associate professor:

Michael Anderson (Biology)
R. Jarrod Atchison (Communication)
Tina Boyer (German and Russian)
Hana Brown (Sociology)
Samuel Cho (Physics and Computer Science)
John Dalton (Economics)
Susan Harlan (English)
Sarah Mason (Mathematics and Statistics)
Gregory Parks (Law)
John Ruddiman (History)
Michael Sloan (Classical Languages)
Joel Tauber (Art)
Andrew Verstein (Law)
Christian Waugh (Psychology)
Heiko Wiggers (German and Russian)

Promoted to associate librarian:

Kyle Denlinger
Jeffrey M. Eller

Atchison wins debate honor

Jarrod.Atchison.300x175Jarrod Atchison, assistant professor of communication and director of debate at Wake Forest, has been awarded the George Ziegelmueller Award, which is presented annually to a faculty member who has distinguished himself or herself in the communication profession while coaching teams to competitive success at the National Debate Tournament. Previous Wake Forest winners include Allan Louden (2000) and Ross Smith (2009).

In other debate news, Wake Forest is hosting the revival of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Debate Championship April 11 -12, which brings together debate teams from member schools. The proposition to be debated: Student athletes should receive monetary compensation for participating in athletic competitions.

Atchison said that when the ACC signed its new television deal the agreement included financial support for a non-athletic competition. Provosts from across the ACC submitted proposals and Wake Forest’s proposal to revive the debate championship was selected as the winner. “It’s very exciting that our proposal was selected, and we’re happy to be bringing debate back to the ACC as an official event,” said Atchinson.

Department of Communication faculty highlights

From awards to publications to presentations, the Department of Communication has written a roundup of faculty news to share:

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July 2013 faculty milestones

See a list of employment milestones reached by faculty in July 2013: Continue reading »

Update from the Dept. of Communication

Jarrod Atchison


Jarrod Atchison presented the papers “Open Source Evidence: An Analysis of the First Year”; “Spectrum of Interrogation: Developing a New Vocabulary for Affirmative Cases in Intercollegiate Policy Debate”; and “The Role of Evidence Production, Consumption and Communication in an Era of Digital Information.” Jarrod participated in the panel “Creating Community in Forensics: Roundtable Discussion with DOFs” and the Cross Examination Debate Association business meeting at the National Communication Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Michael D. Hazen participated in the panel “Celebrating the COMMunity of Japan-U.S. Communication Scholarship: Past, Present, and Future of Theory and Practice.” He also participated in the business meeting for the Eurasian Communication Association of North America division and chaired the Intercultural Competence and Variations in Cultural Patterning division at the National Communication Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Candyce Leonard published a review of the book “El teatro de los hermanos Álvarez Quintero” [The Theatre of the Alvarez Quintero Brothers] for the theatre journal Estreno 38.2 (2012): 128-130. She also organized and chaired a session titled “The Discourse of Time and Space in Contemporary Spanish Theatre” at the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Oct 18-20. She also presented the paper “Federico Garcia Lorca and Artistic Freedom: La casa de Bernarda Alba” in a session title “Spanish Theatre at the Global Crossroads” at the same conference.

Michael Hyde participated in the panel “Confronting the Hermeneutic Imaginary: Author Meets Critics”at the National Communication Association Conference in Orlando, Florida. He also published the book ‘Openings: Acknowledging Essential Moments in Human Communication’ (Baylor University Press, 2012). “Openings engages philosophy, science, the arts, theology, and popular culture, all to demonstrate the profound importance of the possibility of openness to the human experience. In every situation, Hyde contends, this posture of conscious openness to the individuals, events, and places that surround us has noticeable effects on the way we — and others — experience the reality of existence.”

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Congratulations to 2012-2013 ACE Fellows!

The ACE Fellows Program, in partnership with the Institute for Public Engagement, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Dean of the College, provides support for selected faculty fellows interested in incorporating service-learning into their courses.

The program provides stipends of $1,250 as well as services designed to enhance teaching and enrich learning. ACE Fellows have the opportunity to work with new and veteran ACE Fellows as they establish relationships with community partners, develop syllabi, and assess pedagogical strategies and outcomes.

Here’s a list of the ACE Fellows and the courses in which they plan to integrate service-learning classes: Continue reading »

Update from Dept. of Communication

  • Jarrod AtchisonJarrod Atchison published the article, “The Mystic Chords of Separation: Decorum and Jefferson Davis’s Resignation from the Senate,” Southern Communication Journal: Volume 77, Issue 2, 2012.
  • Alessandra Von Burg

    Alessandra Von Burg

  • Alessandra B. Von Burg, Ron Von Burg, Gordon R. Mitchell, and Allan D. Louden published the essay, “Emerging Communication Technologies and the Practices of Enhanced Deliberation: The Experience of Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute,” Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 8: No. 1 (2012) Article 14. (Note: Alessandra Beasley Von Burg, Allan Louden are Wake Forest faculty. Ron Von Burg will be faculty in Fall 2012.)

Update from Dept. of Communication

Jarrod Atchison

  • Jarrod Atchison published the essay “Pedagogical Functions of the Annual Resolution in Contemporary Policy Debate: Reflections on the Controversy Outlined in the 3rd Developmental Conference,” along with Edward Panetta, in the ALTA volume Reasoned Argument and Social Change. Jarrod was also on the Editorial Board. Ed. Panetta is also a Wake Forest alum!
  • Ananda MitraAnanda Mitra spoke at the fourth annual Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE), which is hosted by Wake Forest. He also gave a talk at the Byrum Center on service-learning opportunities in India.

Update from Dept. of Communication

    Michael Hazen

    Michael Hazen

  • Allan Louden gave a Skype lecture to the American Resource Center (administered by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy) in Chisinau, Moldova. He also discussed Rick Perry’s campaign gaffe in an NPR story. He also predicted the end of the Trump Debate. He is quoted here »
  • Mary M. Dalton presented “Knitting Lessons: Weaving Communities with Yarn and Personal Stories” at the 32nd Annual National Women’s Studies Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Michael Hazen chaired the panel “Voices of Japan-US Relationships: Reflecting the Past, Considering the Present, and Envisioning the Future” and responded to the panels “Exploring Concepts of Chinese Communication: Old and New Magical Thinking and the Illusion of Control,” and “Symbolism in Popular Culture: For Good or for Ill?” at the National Communication Association Conference in New Orleans, LA.
  • Clay Hassler and wife Tif produced a new project for the Piedmont Triad Film Commission. Read more
  • Jarrod Atchison presented the papers “Open Source Debating: Assessing the First Year of Innovation” and “Stability, Silence, and Media in Eric King Watts’s Theory of Voice” at the National Communication Association Conference in New Orleans, LA. He also chaired the panel “Cross Examination Debate Association Executive Committee Meeting.” Continue reading »

Update from Dept. of Communication

Candyce Leonard

Candyce Leonard

  • Jarrod Atchison presented “Defending Decisions — Conspiracy Theories and Water Utilities” to the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies in Newport, RI, on Oct. 17.
  • Michael Hyde and co-author Nancy King published their new book, “Bioethics, Public Moral Argument, and Social Responsibility,” in an effort to promote awareness of bioethics issues. Read more
  • Candyce Leonard received a grant from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Education and United States’ Universities for organizing the conference “Acto seguido: el personaje en el teatro contemporáneo español a escena,” in October 2011. She worked with John P. Gabriele and Lourdes Bueno. Continue reading »