Update from Dept. of Communication

  • Jarrod AtchisonJarrod Atchison published the article, “The Mystic Chords of Separation: Decorum and Jefferson Davis’s Resignation from the Senate,” Southern Communication Journal: Volume 77, Issue 2, 2012.
  • Alessandra Von Burg

    Alessandra Von Burg

  • Alessandra B. Von Burg, Ron Von Burg, Gordon R. Mitchell, and Allan D. Louden published the essay, “Emerging Communication Technologies and the Practices of Enhanced Deliberation: The Experience of Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute,” Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 8: No. 1 (2012) Article 14. (Note: Alessandra Beasley Von Burg, Allan Louden are Wake Forest faculty. Ron Von Burg will be faculty in Fall 2012.)