Department of Communication faculty highlights

From awards to publications to presentations, the Department of Communication has written a roundup of faculty news to share:

Jarrod Atchison published the essay, “Open Source Debating: The Justifications and Responses to Deacon Source Version 1.0” with former Wake Forest debater, Ian Miller, in Contemporary Argumentation and Debate.

Jarrod Atchison received a grant from the Dingledine Faculty Fund for the Support of International Activities. He will present at the 8th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA), in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jarrod Atchison and John Llewellyn presented the paper “The Ego Function of Conspiracy: The Fluoridation Controversy in Raleigh, NC” at the 15th WFU Argumentation Conference.

Mary Dalton was featured in 88.5 WFDD, promoting the Charlotte Film Lab showings of her documentary, Living in the Overlap. The Charlotte Film Lab and the LGBT Community Center are sponsoring the showings.

Mary Dalton was featured in the Huffington Post – The More Things Change. The More Sitcoms Remain the Same and Five Reasons I’m Through with Downton Abbey; her “Behind the Scenes” column was also featured in NPR’s 88.5 WFDD.

Peter Gilbert, along with fellow filmmakers, recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Hoop Dreams. The 2014 Sundance Film Festival presented an anniversary screening of the film, which was originally screened in 1994, and earned the Audience Award for Best Documentary. He is also the producer of Happy Christmas.

Woody Hood recently presented “Here Be Dragons: Two Thousand Years of New Forms from the Human Imagination” at the Supernatural in Film and Literature Conference hosted in Shetland, Scotland, UK.

Marina Krcmar published several book chapters and articles, including: “Media Use by Children” in International Encyclopedia of Communication; “Examining the Assumptions in Research on Children and Media” in The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents and Media; “Predicting media use in very young children: The role of demographics and parent attitudes” in Communication Studies; “Video Games, Immersion, and Cognitive Aggression: Does the controller matter?” in Media Psychology; and “The Perception of Human Appearance in Video Games: Towards an Understanding of the Effects of Player Perceptions of Game Features” in Mass Communication and Society.

Mike Hazen received a faculty Development Grant to present his research at the International Communication Association Meeting in Seattle and at the International Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Mike Hazen presented a paper, co-authored with John Llewellyn, on “The Development of an Instrument to Measure Coaches’ Communicative Style,” at the Seventh Summit on Communication and Sport in New York City.

Michael Hyde was featured in the Winston-Salem Journal in an article entitled, “Forum explores role faith can play in assisting people with mental health issues.”

Candyce Leonard reviewed “Mapa de la documentación teatral en España,” by Berta Muñoz Caliz, Madrid: Centro de Documentación Teatral.

John Llewellyn discussed the roots of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” in the Huffington Post.

John Llewellyn was awarded the Armstrong Award by the Euzelian Literary Society for his role as faculty advisor.

John Llewellyn published the articles “That Name Sounds Familiar” and “Fighting Words in Lubbock” in the Huffington Post.

John Llewelyn was quoted in the February edition of Reader’s Digest in the article, “Remember the Hot Coffee Incident? What Really Happened.”

Allan Louden published “Permanent adaptation – The NDT’s last 50 years” In Speaker and Gavel.  Additionally, along with Brian Householder, he recently published “Extemporaneous speaking competitions: Investigating the impact of conventional extemporaneous speech organization and judge experience on speaker ratings” in Forensic. He was also featured in the Times of Malta, regarding his recent visit and presentations.

Allan Louden presented the lecture “Language and the effective stump speech,” at the Institute for Public Trust in Raleigh, NC. Allan was also invited to serve on the editorial board of iDebate Press.

Ananda Mitra recently published several articles, including: “The trans-Indian: perspectives on real vs. virtual identity in the age of the internet” in Indian Transnationalism Online; “Mapping Narbs” in New Technologies: The New Ecstasy of Communication; and “Using narbs to create narrative maps from unstructured Big Data: A case study” in International Journal of Business Innovation and Research.

Ananda Mitra launched his social media research website,, at the annual e-Society 2014 Conference in Madrid last month. He was also a panelist on the Mass Communications Symposium Panel Discussion at Winston-Salem University earlier this month. The panel was entitled “Contexts & Conjunctures”: Rethinking Culture, Race, & Media in the 21st Century.

Ananda Mitra presented a lecture on big data at the University Grants Commission Refresher Course on Media Studies, Culture and Governance in New Delhi, India.

Cara Pilson and Sandy Dickson received an Archie Fund for the Arts and Humanities grant in support of their film on Regeneration.

Alessandra Von Burg responded to the panel “Rhetorics of Inclusion and Intervention in Immigration and Foreign Policy” at the Western States Communication Association Conference, Anaheim, California.

Alessandra Von Burg presented the paper, “Immigration as Histories of Mob-ility: Digital Crossing of Borders,” at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Alessandra Von Burg, Ron Von Burg, and Mike Hazen hosted the 15th WFU Argumentation Conference at Wake Forest University.

Ron Von Burg responded to the panel “Theorizing Rhetoric: Burke, Apologies, Cicero, and Posthumanism” at the Western States Communication Association Conference, Anaheim, California.

Ron Von Burg presented the paper, “Localizes Science Sentinels: TEDx and the Shared Norms of Scientific Integrity,” at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Ron Von Burg, Allan Louden and Alessandra Von Burg, along with alumna Bronwen Gainsford, published the paper “Debate, civic engagement and post-training social networking” in 4th International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and Pedagogy of Empowerment.

Ron Von Burg and Alessandra Von Burg received a grant from the U.S. Department of State for the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows (BFTF) Summer Institute.

Ron Von Burg and Stokes Piercy won the 2014 Teaching Innovation Award for linking their three classes. Students in Screenwriting write a script for the students in Humanities and Nature to perform, and the Documentary students film the events.

Meg Zulick presented the paper “The Prophetic Mode of Discourse and the American Sublime: Whitman, Ginsberg, Dylan” at the 15th WFU Argumentation Conference.