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Reporting discrimination and harassment

This message is shared on behalf of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost. 

We write today to remind faculty and staff of the University’s non-discrimination policies and existing mechanisms for reporting complaints of discrimination and harassment under those policies.

Discrimination and harassment are antithetical to the values and standards of the Wake Forest community, and are incompatible with the safe, healthy environment that the Wake Forest community expects and deserves. They will not be tolerated. Wake Forest is committed to providing programs, activities, and education and work environments free from discrimination and harassment. Wake Forest is also committed to fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting and fair and timely resolution of those behaviors.

In commitment to these principles, the University’s Non-Discrimination Statement expressly prohibits discrimination in its employment practices and its educational programs and activities on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability, and veteran status. The University also has a comprehensive Sex and Gender Discrimination and Harassment Policy that prohibits discrimination, harassment, and misconduct on the basis of sex and gender.

Wake Forest strongly​ encourages all employees to promptly report concerns regarding suspected or known discrimination or harassment directly to one of these designated individuals:

Aishah Casseus, J.D., 
Title IX Coordinator and Section 504/ADA Coordinator
titleixcoordinator@wfu.edu | casseua@wfu.edu | 336.758.7258
Mandatory Reporter

Melissa Clodfelter, Ph.D.,
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
askHR@wfu.edu | clodfem@wfu.edu | 336.758.4700
Mandatory Reporter

For non-emergency reports of possible criminal conduct, call the University Police at 336.758.5591. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

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Annual Benefits Enrollment: October 18-29

Informational flyer with text that says "Annual Benefits Enrollment: October 18-29" in black and gold text across a light gray bannerThis is a guest post from Wake Forest University Human Resources.

Annual Benefits Enrollment for benefits-eligible faculty and staff takes place today through October 29. You will need to enroll via Workday if you are

  • changing benefit elections,
  • adding or removing a dependent(s), and/or
  • planning to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

If you do not enroll, your current benefit elections and dependent(s) will remain the same, with the exception of FSA elections. FSA elections do not automatically renew from one year to the next and require active enrollment from you each plan year.

How to Enroll

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Live auto-transcription globally enabled in Zoom

The following is a guest post from Wake Forest Information Systems (IS).

Back in February 2021, we communicated that live transcription was available in Zoom, providing on-screen machine-generated subtitles/captions and an associated transcript during Zoom meetings. The setting we instructed users to enable within Zoom to begin using this feature has been globally enabled. All meeting hosts will now see a Live Transcript button in their host toolbar during meetings.

Hosts must select the Live Transcript button and Enable Live Transcription during a meeting to make the transcription available to attendees. We highly recommend hosts do this at the beginning of each meeting for the best attendee experience. As we develop the habit of enabling this useful accessibility feature, we encourage attendees to request for meeting hosts to enable live transcription, if not yet enabled, to preemptively accommodate attendees’ needs. Attendees can do this by selecting the Live Transcript button in their toolbar menu.

Make sure to update the Zoom application on your computer regularly to ensure access to the most current features. Manually check for updates and run updates through the menu on the Zoom client. For further instructions on updating, check out this Zoom help article.

An AskDeac article has been added with information and screenshots to help users understand how to enable live-transcription during Zoom meetings.  Read more

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Consolidated University Policy Library launch

A new consolidated University Policy Library website (policy.wfu.edu) has been launched to make Wake Forest administrative policies more accessible to the campus community. All administrative policies and supporting documents from departments within Finance & Administration – which includes Budget & Financial Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities & Campus Services, Financial Services, Hospitality & Auxiliary Services, Human Resources and Information Systems – can be viewed on this website, as well as on each corresponding departmental webpage.

These administrative policies provide guidance for the everyday activities of the campus community, clarify the University’s expectations of its individual members, reduce institutional risk, increase efficiency and support the University’s compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Filters are available to refine your search and if you are unsure of the document name, use the A – Z Index feature to view based on keywords.

Additional policy content will be added over time.

Updates from HR: COVID-19 updates, wellbeing, employee events

COVID-19 Update

As announced, beginning May 1 University gate access will return to normal operations. Those who requested an exemption from the SneezSafe daily wellness screening will have their Deacon OneCard access automatically reinstated May 1. Faculty and staff should continue to monitor their health daily and utilize SneezSafe when they need help determining whether they should proceed to campus. Rows of pink, white, and yellow tulips blooming in Reynolda Gardens

Campus Redensification

As we near the end of the semester and plan for in-person classes this fall, colleagues who are still working remotely may have questions about their return to on-site work. Colleagues should expect the summer to be a transitional period during which leaders will engage teams and individuals in conversations about staffing plans that prioritize student- and employee-facing interactions. To aid in this process, we have developed these Campus Redensification Guidelines to help managers initiate these conversations.

With commencement less than three weeks away, now is a time to celebrate the numerous accomplishments of our campus community. Colleagues can anticipate receiving an update the week following commencement with additional redensification guidance, 2021-2022 Paid Time Off (PTO) carryover plans, and revised COVID-19 policies. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the University’s plans for the fall.

Weekly Wellbeing Tip: Email Timing

Intentional work correspondence can have a big impact on employee morale. Teams can strengthen and respect work-life balance by discussing what email best practices their teams should adhere to. Consider scheduling emails to send during work hours only and turning off notifications during non-working hours.

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