WellSpaces program participation open to faculty, staff

This is a guest post of the Office of Wellbeing:

Are you interested in promoting wellbeing among your office team? Join the Office of Wellbeing and the Environmental Health and Safety Office in the WellSpaces program.

WellSpaces supports offices in creating and sustaining a culture that promotes personal and collective wellbeing. Program participants create meaningful policies and practices that improve morale, camaraderie, productivity, and achieve individual and staff team goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or registering for the WellSpaces program, we invite you to register for one of the WellSpaces Info Sessions using the link below!   Attendance at an information session is not required to participate in the program.

WellSpaces Info Session information available here.

Enrollment for the WellSpaces program is open through Aug. 29. Click here to complete the WellSpaces Registration  to participate.

As a WellSpace, each office:

  • Designates an office Wellbeing Ambassador;
  • Participates in manager training on wellbeing and employee engagement;
  • Participates in at least one wellbeing activity as an office each month; and
  • Adopts three office-level policies or practices that promote team wellbeing such as walking meetings, forming an office book club or hosting a group lunch. (Other examples are available on the WellSpaces website.)

WellSpaces Successes

On aggregate, participating offices experienced improvement in multiple areas including:

  • Sense of connection among staff
  • Sharing a trusted relationship with someone in the office
  • Sense of joy in telling others about their place of work
  • Perception that office leadership provides resources and/or support for staff to connect as a group
  • Perception of a positive work environment
  • Leadership demonstrates a commitment to an office culture that promotes wellbeing

For more information, contact Thrive@nullwfu.edu or call 336-758-4370.

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