February 2014 milestones

See a list of faculty and staff milestones in February 2014:

1 year

Melanie C. Bledsoe; Admin Asst, MA Program; WFUSB-Instruction

Amy Bull; Employer Experience Manager; OPCD: Recruiting & Operations

Diego Castaneda; Assistant Coach, Volleyball; Athletics: Volleyball – Women

Barbara B. Collie; Business Mgmt Asst; IS: Administration

Michelle Renee Fender; Data Integrity Specialist; Financial & Accounting Service

Susan Thomas Geis; Administrative Coordinator; Advancement

Deborah Ashe Lafferty; Administrative Secretary; Dean of Wake Forest College

Yuan Li; Senior Research Scientist; Physics

Kenneth Murczek; Head Coach, Volleyball; Athletics: Volleyball – Women

Sarah Elizabeth Rumely; Assistant Coach, Volleyball; Athletics: Volleyball – Women

Ed Eugene Sheridan; Transportation Assistant; Graylyn

Lawrence Fleming Smith; Transportation Assistant; Graylyn

Joshua Brian Strickland; Athletics Asst,Recruting-Media; Athletics: Football

Taylor Evans Stubblefield; Assistant Coach, Football; Athletics: Football

Richard Sutton; Assistant Coach, Field Hockey; Athletics: Field Hockey – Women

5 years

Charles D. Hiatt; Associate Librarian; Z. Smith Reynolds Library (faculty)

Tracy Robin Stegman; Licensure Officer; Education

Fifteen years

Lisa F. Jones; Campus Financial Services Rep; Financial & Accounting Service

Hue An Nguyen; Facilities Assistant; WFUSB-Facilities-WS

Ronald Heath Whitlock; Service Technician; Facilities and Campus Services

Twenty years

Anna B. Harris; Analyst/Programmer, Architect; Information Systems

Patricia A. Starkey; Administrative Assistant; School of Law

Thirty years

Paul E. Sheff; Turf Coordinator/Spec Projects; Facilities and Campus Services

Forty years

Donnie Lee Adams; Manager, Maintenance Services; Facilities and Campus Services