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Williams appointed general manager for University Stores

This message is posted on behalf of University Stores:

Long-time textbook manager Willie Williams has been appointed general manager for University Stores.  Follett announced this change upon the promotion of former general manager Andy Roush to a regional manager post.

Williams has held various positions in his 16-year tenure with University Stores, both during the time when Wake Forest operated the store and through the transition to Follett.

Roush will be assuming the position of regional sales and operations manager with Follett for the South Carolina region, which includes 23 four-year and two-year college and university properties.

Williams will oversee all University Stores operations including the Bookstore, Deacon Shop on the Quad, the Hanes Mall Deacon Shop, and course material services. He can be reached at 336-758-3562 or williawl@nullwfu.edu.

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August 2012 staff milestones

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