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Safety reminder regarding fire alarms and building evacuations

The following message is sent on behalf of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety:

In the event of a fire alarm on campus, it is important to follow current health and safety guidelines for face coverings and social distancing when exiting the building. It is good practice to keep a mask readily accessible, especially at night.

When a fire alarm activates, all occupants of the building are required to evacuate. Please put on a face mask if accessible and exit the building. Try to maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others as you exit, as well as when gathering outside the building.

For those in isolation and quarantine, it is imperative to wear a mask and maintain distance when exiting the building and when gathering outside until the emergency is over.

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Update on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts at Wake Forest

Dear Wake Forest community,

In June, I shared the final report of the President’s Commission on Race, Equity and Community with you. That report outlined 20 recommendations and offered historical and contextual information. It also introduced the RIDE Framework, which grounds our institution-wide inclusion and equity goals and encompasses more than a dozen organizations and departments across campus. Additionally, the report shared our plans to operationalize the Commission’s recommendations; we anticipate sharing our approach to those efforts next month.

Today, I want to share with you new and developing initiatives as well as a range of resources and programs devoted to enhancing our campus climate. The following actions fit into three categories: expanding equitable student experiences; sustaining a more welcoming campus climate; and enhancing community engagement. I will offer a brief overview here, but I invite you to visit our Community in Progress website where you can learn more about the details of each category and action item. Read more

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Update on North Carolina’s Move to Phase 2.5

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order moving the state of North Carolina’s COVID-19 response from Phase 2 to Phase 2.5, effective Friday, Sept. 4, at 5 p.m. This shift loosens some state restrictions on gathering size limits and allows for limited opening of gyms and exercise facilities.
After conferring with health officials and taking into consideration our congregate campus environment, Wake Forest is adapting to the Phase 2.5 allowances in the following ways:  Read more

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COVID-19 Update: Operating Status System, COVID-19 Dashboard and Surveillance Testing

Dear Wake Forest community,

Today, we launch three initiatives being implemented to help keep our community prepared, informed and healthy as we manage day-to-day life this fall. First, we are introducing a color-coded system to designate the operating status of the Reynolda Campus. The operating status will guide adjustments to campus operations to mitigate the spread of detected increases of the virus. Second, a COVID-19 dashboard will track the presence of known, confirmed positive cases in our campus community. Third, we are implementing a weekly surveillance testing program that will be based on a random sample of the student population. Infectious disease experts will analyze test results to gain insight into where we may need to improve our containment strategies. Read more

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SneezSafe Exemption Process

Dear Colleagues,

The university has recently updated the Wellness Screening Policy to allow an exemption for faculty and staff who will not come to any Wake Forest campus or property, while this policy is in effect, and who would like to be exempt from completing the SneezSafe daily wellness screening survey. Those individuals may submit their request by completing the wellness screening exemption form. Those who request this exemption agree not to access any Wake Forest campus or property and therefore to have their Deacon OneCard access to campus temporarily suspended.

Faculty and staff who are working remotely, but who may need to travel to campus intermittently, should continue to complete the SneezSafe daily wellness screening survey, including weekends and days when they do not intend to come to campus.

Completing the SneezSafe daily wellness screening is a simple way for our colleagues to monitor their own health. This process helps faculty and staff quickly identify when additional guidance from a medical professional is needed. All faculty and staff have access to the Faculty and Staff Clinic for COVID-related and acute care needs.

If you have questions please contact Human Resources at askHR@nullwfu.edu or (336) 758-4700.

Wake Forest University Human Resources

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