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January 2013 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in January 2013:


Arnold, Geoffrey Hastings; Back-Up Announcer; WFDD Radio

Barnes, Perry Lynn; Security Officer; University Police

Barringer, Emily Paige; Staff Assistant; Conference Services

Bartlett, Wendy Elizabeth; Adjunct Instructor; Education

Barwick, Jonathan Seth; Business,Compliance Specialist; Athletics

Benson, Michael J.; Protection Officer; Reynolda House

Beringer, Danielle N.; Biomechanics Lab Coordinator; Health & Exercise Science

Bradley, Katherine Moore; Adjunct; Education

Buffington, Brooke Wilson; Adjunct Instructor; Online Education

Bushee, Meggan Michelle; Adjunct; School of Law

Calles, Ana Fernanda; Tutor; Athletics

Collins, Spencer Patrick; Tutor; Athletics

Cunningham, John Reginald; Custodian Part-Time; Reynolda House

Diorio, Amanda Regina; Adjunct; Theatre: Dance

Dolan, Ellen Michelle; Tutor; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs

Edwards, Alexa Dewyer; Research Assoc, Teacher Edu; Education

Engerer, Mary Elizabeth; Adjunct Instructor; Online Education

Gebhard, Alexandra Dean; Tutor; Athletics

Geis, Susan Thomas; Administrative Coordinator; Advancement

Greene, Adrian Lee; Part-Time Instructor; English

Greenwood, Kim Gerald; Communications Officer; University Police

Gross, Michael David; Adjunct; Chemistry

Hairston, George B.; Applications Administrator; Information Systems

Hart, Sonya Renee; Communications Officer; University Police

Harwell, Roger David; Tutor; Athletics

Heitschmidt, Gregg William; Tutor; Athletics

Henderson, Christopher Lee; Adj Asst Prof; Online Education

Hill, Kenneth Ray; Adjunct; Divinity School

Holst, Christina Marie; Adjunct Instructor; Education

Horton, Christopher S.; Server; Graylyn

Hottinger, Jane S.; Part-Time Instructor; Health & Exercise Science

Hunt, Beth; Part-Time Instructor; English

Hyatt, Amber Michelle; Tennis Center Assistant; Athletics

Jefferson, Ashley Danielle; Library Assistant; Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Kennedy, Lindsey Bakewell; Adjunct Instructor; Education

Kocher, Madison Rush; Tutor; Athletics

Kocze, Angela; Fulbright Scholar; Women’s and Gender Studies

Lema Tome, Carla Maria; PT Asst Prof; Biology

Leslie, Andrew William; Adjunct Asst. Prof. ; Communication

Levine, David Scott; Adjunct; School of Law

Lewallen, Alvis Thad; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Lundy, Stephen Howard; Surplus and Sanitation Assist; Facilities & Campus Services

MacEvoy, Maya ; Tutor; Athletics

Macali, Christopher David; Tutor; Athletics

Marritt, Angela Robbins; PT Asst Prof; History

Marsh, William E.; Adjunct; School of Law

Mastin, John Matthew; Teach/Sch/Postdoc Fellow, Math; Mathematics

McCormick, Fiona Christina; Director of Intl Programs-Law; Law: LL.M. Program

Mehaffey, Andrew Stephen; Tutor; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs

Meltzer, Paige Leslie; Director; Women’s Center

Moore Harris, Carol Ann; Administrative Crd, Donor Svc; Advancement

Murr, Gregory James; PT Asst Professor; Art

Murray, Frank D.; Security Officer; University Police

Oliphant, Tameka Michelle; Adjunct Instructor; Online Education

Ortiz, Jayne Neustrup; Part-Time Asst Prof; Romance Languages

Parvin, James Robert; Adjunct Faculty; Divinity

Pfeiffer, Austin D.; Tutor; Athletics

Pulliam, Quinton Isaac; Server; Graylyn

Ramsey, Coe William; Adjunct Professor; School of Law

Salley, George Henry; Accompanist; Theatre: Dance

Schwartz, Eric Justin; Accompanist; Theatre: Dance

Shelton, Jennifer Lou; Communications Officer; University Police

Smith, Leah Warfield; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Smith, Modie Christon; Part-Time Asst Prof; Philosophy

Spathelf, Trevor Hunter; Assistant Director, Marketing; Athletics

Steffan, Catherine ; Assistant Director, Admissions; Schools of Business

Tirrell, Mark Allen; Marketing Manager; Schools of Business

Trask, Kristen; Tutor; Athletics

Venable, Pamela Jean; Security Officer; University Police

Whitley, Elise Morgan; Adjunct Professor; Law: Instruction


Borwick, John Harden; IS: Service Management

Crockett, Jasimen Semone; Facilities & Campus Services

Cutts, Dale; Facilities & Campus Services

Deshmane, Chinmay; Chemistry

Goelst, Norma Pope; Advancement: Donor Services

Gravely, Catrina Yvette; Procurement

Grooms, Frank D.; Facilities & Campus Services

Guiles, Ross William; Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Hall, William Salaam; Human Resources

Hasel, Richard Andrew; Graylyn

Haynesworth, Monae Antionette; Graylyn

Holgate, Krista Patricia Dawn; Athletics

Holmes, Heather Kahl; Athletics: Volleyball

Jaffe, Lyle David; Graylyn

Johnson, Brian Alexander; Admissions

Martin, Raymond L.; Facilities & Campus Services

McCallum, Regina DeVera; OPCD: Recruiting & Operations

Scales, Dmario; Graylyn: Rooms

Smith, William Herbert; Information Systems

Springer, Kellyn Joy; Advancement: Alumni Services

Taylor, Kala Conelia; Law: Career Services

Thomas, Khalil T.; Facilities & Campus Services

Tisdal, Renee Virginia; Dean of Wake Forest College

White, Tyshun LaJuan; Facilities & Campus Services

Whittington, Dennis Gwyn; Facilities & Campus Services

Williams, Tynaisa M.; Facilities & Campus Services

Wilson, Erika D.; Facilities & Campus Services

Wright, Jonathan Daniel; IS: Knowledge & Service Support

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