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Parking, traffic information about student move-in starting Aug. 21

This message is distributed on behalf of Residence Life and Housing:

Wake Forest will welcome a new freshman class on Wednesday, August 21, when new student move-in begins at 8 a.m. For faculty and staff scheduled to be on campus that busy morning, the University has recommendations for where to enter campus and park.

On August 21, the University asks that faculty and staff enter campus through the Polo Road entrance. New students and their families will be encouraged to enter campus via the University Parkway and Reynolda Road entrances.

Traffic is expected throughout the day and will begin around 7 a.m. as families arrive for move-in. Due to the increased traffic, faculty and staff seeking to park on campus are encouraged to arrive on campus early. The Hearn Plaza lots will be available for faculty and staff parking. However, the University asks that faculty and staff avoid parking on South Campus (Lots E, F, G, and J) and in Lots Q and W1/W2 to allow parking for our new students and their families.

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August 2017 staff milestones

See a list of staff milestones for August 2017:

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Parking and Transportation adopts new app for shuttle riders

This announcement was emailed on behalf of the University’s Parking and Transportation Office on March 21 to students, faculty and staff by Communications and External Relations:

Catching Wake Forest’s shuttles has just become easier thanks to new technology.

Wake Forest’s Office of Parking and Transportation adopted a new app (TransLoc Rider) this spring that the office encourages all shuttle riders to download and begin using immediately.  The app is designed to make the shuttle service more convenient for all riders by offering real time tracking.  Riders know where the shuttles are and when they are expected to arrive.

In addition, the app offers enhanced Safe Ride/OnCall service.  Instead of calling for such service, a rider can arrange to be picked up through the app.  Safe Ride/OnCall service is available every day from 5:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Safe Ride/OnCall app can also be accessed from the University’s LiveSafe app.

The TransLoc Rider app replaces the Ride the Wake app that has been associated with Wake Forest’s shuttle system for years.  Parking and Transportation asks that shuttle riders drop use of the old app now in favor of using the new one.

To become quickly familiar with the easy-to-use app, Parking and Transportation recommends how-to guides on shuttle tracking and the Safe Ride/OnCall service.

Anyone with questions about the app, after downloading it and reading the how-to guides, may call (336)-758-5344 or email parking@nullwfu.edu.

(Note: On the TransLoc website, there is a place where you can have the app link sent to your mobile device by text message. Scroll down to bottom of the site.)

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onCall van service to expand hours starting Nov. 6

This message was emailed by Communications and External Relations to students, faculty and staff on Nov. 2:

Wake Forest’s onCall late-night van service will expand its operating hours Nov. 6. The van service will begin running at 5:30 p.m. nightly, instead of 10 p.m.  It will continue each night until 7 a.m.

Last September, Wake Forest launched the OnCall service, which is intended for students, faculty and staff.  There is no charge to use it.

Wake Forest’s Parking and Transportation office operates the van service, as well as the University’s shuttle service.  It will operate each fall and spring semester.

To get a ride, call 336-283-1091.

Service areas include the Reynolda Campus, the University Corporate Center freshman parking lot, sophomore parking area (Lot Z2), Deacon Station and surrounding campus neighborhoods located on or near Polo Road, Brookwood Drive, Howell Street, University Parkway and Long Drive.

Beyond the onCall van service, Parking and Transportation offers nightly shuttle service with the Gray Line.  The Gray Line Night Route is on a fixed schedule Sunday – Thursday from 7:30 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.

For more information about the onCall service and other transportation options, visit parking.wfu.edu/ride-the-wake.

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Meet Wake Forest’s bike-riding parking enforcement officer


This is a guest post from the Office of Sustainability:

Wake Forest’s new parking enforcement officer, Kathy Kullman, is much like others in the Parking and Transportation Office.  She strives to be friendly and approachable throughout the day to those she meets on the job. But, there is something different about her.

What sets her apart is not hard to notice.  Her favorite means of getting around campus is human-powered. Kullman is often on a bicycle when she is on the job.

Kullman has committed to biking throughout a significant portion of her workday. After previously working as a bicycle patrol officer for a school in California, it was a “no-brainer” when Alex Crist, director of Parking and Transportation, asked about her preference on biking.

“Having a parking enforcement officer on a bike is great for our campus,” says Crist. “We are saving money on fuel, reducing our carbon footprint, and providing an invaluable resource of increased accessibility to our campus community.”

Parking enforcement officers can, unfortunately, generate negative perceptions at times. Enabling officers to patrol on a bike can help break down these barriers and increase engagement with community members. Kullman, who has been on her bike for approximately one month, recalls countless positive interactions with students, faculty and staff while biking. One such interaction involved a faculty member applauding her for her efforts.

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