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Comings and Goings for February 2017

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in February 2017:

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University appoints director of graduate programs in sustainability

USEPA Photo by Eric Vance. Public domain image

Stan Meiburg

Wake Forest has appointed alumnus and former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official Stan Meiburg (’75) as director of graduate programs in sustainability.

Meiburg served as Acting Deputy Administrator for the EPA from 2014 to 2017, capping a 39-year career with the agency.

He is known for leading efforts to protect the nation’s air and water, clean up hazardous and toxic waste sites, build collaborative relationships with state and tribal environmental programs, and promote sound management in EPA.

At Wake Forest, he will lead the master of arts in sustainability program and associated dual degree and certificate programs.  He will work with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (CEES). Meiburg will join Wake Forest on July 1.

Full announcement available here.

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Faculty Senate adopts resolution opposing House Bill 2

The Faculty Senate of Wake Forest has recently voted to adopt the following resolution relating to House Bill 2 (HB2):

“The Faculty Senate of Wake Forest University opposes North Carolina House Bill 2, enacted on March 23, 2016, which is contrary to our University-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion. The law specifically prevents cities from legally protecting sexual and gender minorities from discrimination, while also preventing transgender people from accessing public restrooms safely. The Senate believes that the bill will negatively affect our current LGBTQ faculty, administrators, staff and students and their friends and family and may negatively affect recruitment of faculty, administrators, staff and students. In addition, as the law prohibits K-12 public schools and publicly-funded universities and colleges in North Carolina from having multi-stall, multi-sex bathrooms, it could jeopardize federal funding for the schools attended by many of our family members, friends and neighbors. Thus, we urge our local government officials to take an active stand against the law, and we urge the North Carolina General Assembly and the Governor to repeal House Bill 2.”

The Faculty Senate represents faculty from the entire University: the undergraduate College, the School of Business, the School of Law, the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Divinity and the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

The resolution is one of many efforts, including a similar resolution passed by faculty in the undergraduate College last month, to underscore inclusive values at Wake Forest.

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University to launch new MA in Sports Storytelling Program

The Wake Forest Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is bringing all-star power to its new Master of Arts (MA) in Sports Storytelling when classes begin in fall 2016. Chris Webber, five-time NBA all-star, sports analyst, businessman and film producer has been named a Professor of Practice for the two-year program housed within the University’s award-winning Documentary Film Program (DFP). Webber will teach a course on sports, race and society.

sports.storytelling.300x175“If we’re going to understand ourselves as a society, we have to understand sports, its culture and how it affects us every day,” said Peter Gilbert, a DFP professor and Emmy award-winning director and producer whose Oscar-nominated documentary, “Hoop Dreams,” won every major critics prize and journalism award in 1995. “Sports storytelling students will graduate with the expertise to tell the stories behind the stories of the 24/7 news cycle — the ones that fuel conversations.”

When the idea for a master’s degree in sports storytelling was proposed, Gilbert immediately knew he wanted to draft Chris Webber for its faculty line-up.

“I’m excited to bring real-life experience to the program. Sports are my passion and telling stories about sports is my new career,” said Webber. “I’ve been involved with the NBA for nearly 25 years, and I understand firsthand how sports, business, race, gender and economics mesh. Sports storytelling gives us a platform to explore these issues in an academic setting. I’m looking forward to not only sharing my own experiences, but learning from students how sports has had an impact on their own lives.” Read more

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Proposals awarded: Fogel and Messier



Stephen Messier


Congratulations to Daniel Fogel, executive professor of strategy and director of the Masters of Sustainability program, whose proposal entitled “Food-Energy-Water Nexus Casebook for the Virtual Conservation College: A Project with the World Wildlife Fund” has been funded by the World Wildlife Fund.

Congratulations to Stephen Messier, professor of health and exercise science, whose proposal entitled “Pain Management in Osteoarthritis: Clinical Benefits and Cost Effectiveness” has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under award number 5R01AR064320-02 and by [subaward/subcontract from] Brigham and Women’s Hospital (WFU funding agency).

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