Comings and Goings for February 2017

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in February 2017:


Carter, Stephanie K; Director; Residence Life & Housing
Corcoran, Brittany Joi; Adjunct; Graduate School: Instruction
Dobson, Billy P; Maintenance Specialist; Real Estate
Duncan, Jeffrey Byron; Game Day Assistant; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Earthman, Jennifer Adair; Visitor Experience Specialist; Reynolda House: Store
Gorelick, Christine Mayek; Visitor Experience Specialist; Reynolda House: Store
Hussaini, Sobia Shariff; Adjunct; WFUSB-Instruction
Kanaley, Ryan Austin; Police Officer; University Police
Moore, Jonathan Brett; Reference Services Coordinator; Library – ZSR
Moss, Neil; Shuttle Driver; Parking & Transportation
Naylor, Eric Stephen; Truck Driver, Football; Athletics: Football
Neufville, Kawana Costa; Assistant Director; Learning Assistance Center
Peterkin, Wanda Elizabeth; Shuttle Driver; Parking & Transportation
Salamanca, Adriana  ; Executive Housekeeper; President’s Home
Sherrod, Bradley Jay; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Football
Shirley, John R.; Game Day Assistant; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Smart, Randi Denise; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Volleyball – Women
Smith, Madison Marie; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Sneed, David Evan; Visitor Experience Specialist; Reynolda House: Store
Trowbridge, Jean Cecelia; Administrative Assistant; Music
Vavredge, Sarah ; Adjunct; Online Counseling Program
Venkateswaran, Kavitha Dharmalingam; Adjunct; Online Counseling Program
Wallace, Britni; Visitor Experience Specialist; Reynolda House: Store
Walton, Jack Davis; Athletics Game Day Operations; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Woodcock, John Frederick; Charlotte Region President; CLT Executive Administration
Zongker, Jarrett Alan; Senior Systems Analyst; Registrar’s Office


Allman, Lindsay M; Athletics: Volleyball – Women
Belin, Warren Elliot; Athletics: Football
Cheek, Sean Paul; FACS: Landscaping Services
Childress, Jamie P.; WFUSB-Enrollment Management
Garrett, Kent Turk; IS: CIO
Jernigan, Beverly Lasandria; FACS: Custodial Services
Kekuewa, David Wayne Keli’ikuewa; Athletics: Football
Kraft, Joseph Louis; Graylyn: Conference Services
Marvin, Verl Anthony; Parking & Transportation
McDowell, Patrick James Joseph; Athletics: Football
Millsaps, Sarah Catherine; Admissions: Undergraduate
Orr, Sable Nichole; FACS: Custodial Services
Rice, Theodore Tyrone; FACS: Custodial Services
Schuler, Michael M; Athletics: Multimedia
Smelser, Amanda Marlene; Physics

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