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Bill Wells' Retirement Announcement

Bill Wells, Director of Financial Aid, will retire June 30, 2020.

Bill Wells

The following message is announced on behalf of Eric Maguire, Vice President for Enrollment:

After 22 years of dedicated and exemplary service to Wake Forest University, Bill Wells (’74) will retire from his position as Director of Financial Aid on June 30, 2020.

Since joining the campus as Director of Financial Aid in 1998, Bill has made it possible for thousands of students to attend Wake Forest. A forceful ally of the underserved, Bill has consistently championed access and advocated for improved affordability.  Most recently, he has helped the university cut the (need-based) debt burden of graduates by 30% from the Class of 2014 to the Class of 2019. In 2013-14, the average grant to students with need covered less than half the cost of attendance. Today, it covers two-thirds.

Bill’s influence on campus extends well beyond the financial aid office. He has been a faithful committee and community member, serving on the Judicial Council, the Greek Alumni Advisory Board and the Greek Life Advisory Committee, the Diversity and Inclusion Partners Council, the First Year Experience Commission, the Authentic Messaging Committee, and the Affordability Initiative. As he has interacted with potential and current students, Bill has encouraged them to get to know people on campus, seek help when needed, join organizations, volunteer to assist others and assume leadership positions. His prompting of students to try new things is an expansion of the experience he had on campus, helping students to become well-rounded as they pursue their ambitions.

Bill began visiting Wake Forest when his older brother enrolled as a student. Bill followed in his brother’s footsteps and graduated in 1974 with a degree in history. He then earned his master’s degrees in history and higher education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Bill worked in financial aid for twenty years at Chapel Hill before returning to Wake Forest, where he has since committed his career.  In that time, he has been a generous, kind and hard-working colleague, dedicated to helping students enjoy a fulfilling college experience and preparing them to be successful for the rest of their lives.

While Bill will retire from his full-time position this summer, he will continue to contribute to the university’s enrollment strategy in a part-time consultative role. Frankly, I cannot imagine a better thought partner.  Bill’s deep understanding of North Carolina higher education coupled with his keen observations of the Wake Forest ethos will continue to yield insights and help us achieve new levels of enrollment success.

I hope you will join us this spring as we celebrate the rich contributions Bill has offered Wake Forest and wish him and his wife, Sally, well in this next chapter of their lives.

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Staff members recognized for milestones; two named Employees of the Year

This is a guest post from Human Resources:

The campus community celebrated service milestones for more than 250 Wake Forest staff members with approximately 2,800 combined years of service. These individuals were recognized at the annual Staff Rewards & Recognition Luncheon Oct. 9 at the Sutton Center. Faculty and staff joined a campus-wide reception in the Green Room of Reynolda Hall later the same day.

Staff members who have achieved 30 or more years of service are:

  • 30 years: Elizabeth Berry (Facilities and Campus Services), Tim Covey (Information Systems), Robert Fisher (University Police), Chris Hartsell (University Police), Patricia Martin (School of Law), Pattie McGill (Office of the Chaplain), Tim Snyder (University Advancement), Kobak Taylor (Facilities and Campus Services), Lucinda Westmoreland (Financial Services).
  • 35 years: Hugh Brown (Facilities and Campus Services), Thomas Crews (Facilities and Campus Services), Greg Scott (Facilities and Campus Services), Meri Silveri (Mail Services).
  • 40 years: Bob Baker (University Advancement), LeAnn Steele (School of Law).

Philip Honaker, an Employee of the Year, waves. Standing with him are his son, five-year honoree Philip Honaker, and President Hatch

Philip Honaker, Plant Operator in Facilities and Campus Services, and Tom Benza, Associate Director in the Financial Aid Office, also were recognized as Employees of the Year. They were nominated by faculty and staff for their contributions in the areas of innovation, integrity, accountability, inclusion, and Pro Humanitate.

Philip Honaker’s nomination reads: Philip has worked hard over his tenure at Wake Forest and has always given great ideas and suggestions to make communication more clear and concise. He always has a smile on his face and does all he can to make things happen as they should. He is here daily to fulfill his obligation to the University, after many years of service. There is nobody he has met that he could not get along with. His desire and dedication to his job and his fellow employees has made him one of the best employees this University has ever had, and he deserves to be honored.

Tom Benza’s nomination reads: Always looking for new ways to do the same old business, Tom is extremely thoughtful, which permeates through his work with just about everyone here on campus. He goes the extra mile, every single time. Widely trusted, respectful, and honorable would all be words to describe Tom.


Employee of the Year Tom Benza and President Hatch

Dealing with tough issues daily, his moral compass always points north. Showing compassion in tough situations while still remaining professional is an artful gift Tom perfects. He goes above and beyond to protect students’ privacy by making sure his office is a safe place and safe space. Tom is a man of his word. Always willing to go to bat for what is right, Tom takes responsibility for his actions. Tom is an advocate for underrepresented student groups at WFU. He makes students feel welcome and important, which fosters a desire for them to continue towards degree completion. Tom’s kindness and compassion is extended to every student and staff member he encounters. Working on behalf of students and staff, he shines as an advocate.

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Staff retirements in 2017-2018

The following Wake Forest staff (Reynolda Campus) retired in 2017-2018:

Donna Gung, Executive Assistant, Office of the President
Kathy Idol, Communications Coordinator and Counselor, Financial Aid
Terry Poovey, Admissions Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions
Preston Stockton, Manager, Reynolda Gardens
Lynn Sutton, Vice Provost, Office of the Provost
Connie Green, Administrative Coordinator, English
Pamela Karr, Training and Development Manager, Counseling
Patricia (Patty) Kennedy, Administrative Assistant, Health and Exercise Science
Patricia (Patty) Lanier, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean of the College
Cindy O’Hagan, Coordinator, Curriculum Materials, Education
Judith (Judi) Affeldt, Administrative Assistant, School of Business
Patricia (Pat) Peacock, Associate Director, School of Business
Janet Cromer, Associate Director, School of Law
Ann Robertson, Program Coordinator, School of Law
Ronald (Ron) Atkins, Service Technician, Facilities and Campus Services
Winford Cook, Sanitation Coordinator, Facilities and Campus Services
Carrnell Covington, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
Hazel Daniels, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
Lester Ferrell, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Service
Rebecca Harrington, Maintenance and Utilities Analyst, Facilities and Campus Services
Annie (Ann) Knox, Parking Supervisor, Parking and Transportation
Ava Nelums, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
Julio Parada, Server, Graylyn
Raymond (Ray) Trindade, Auto Technician, Facilities and Campus Services
Diane Wise, Administrative Coordinator, Procurement Services
Michael (Mike) Ford, Director, Philanthropy Programs, Pro Humanitate Institute
Donalee White, Administrator Coordinator, Learning Assistance Center
Jane Jones, Administrative Coordinator, University Advancement
Nancy Pierce, Territory Development Coordinator, University Advancement
Cherin Poovey, Managing Editor, Wake Forest Magazine, University Advancement
Janet Williamson, Deputy Editor, University Advancement
Walter (Doug) Bland, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
Dianne Dailey, Head Coach, Women’s Golf, Athletics
Anita (Ann) Flynn, Academic Counselor, Athletics
Ethan Reeve, Head Coordinator, Sports Performance, Athletics
Betty Shronts, Administrative Assistant, Athletics

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Faculty and staff milestones January 2018

See a list of faculty milestones for January 2018:

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Comings and goings for October 2017:

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in October 2017:

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