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Wake Forest hires SmithGroup for campus space utilization study

Wake Forest University has hired the SmithGroup to complete a campus space utilization study beginning in October and continuing through April 2022. The study will bring into focus the diverse and evolving space and facilities needs of the campus today and for the future. When completed, the study will take into account lessons learned during COVID-19, forecasted future trends for academic work and the administrative functions needed to support it. Wake Forest hopes to identify opportunities to leverage and optimize use of the University’s real estate portfolio in service to the University’s academic mission.

“Careful and thoughtful campus space planning work is critical to positioning Wake Forest for the future,” said President Susan R. Wente. “The SmithGroup is known for its in-depth approach to analyzing space utilization and truly understanding campus needs in order to identify planning priorities and projects with the greatest potential for impact. I am confident they will lead this important process effectively for us.”

Guided by a steering committee of campus academic and administrative leaders, the study will prioritize the infrastructure in which the academic and residential experience takes place. As a member of the steering committee, Dean Michele Gillespie will provide leadership and engagement with the SmithGroup to ensure faculty voices and departmental needs of the College are communicated during the process. The committee will work with the SmithGroup to identify current and future solutions for ensuring that Wake Forest is equipped to offer exceptional academic experiences across all areas of study.

The SmithGroup will deliver a detailed space utilization strategy to assist the University in responding to its unique capacity and utilization challenges and opportunities on the Reynolda campus as well as off-campus University properties. The utilization study will identify investment, innovation and opportunity areas to ensure support for the University’s educational mission and continued investment in excellent academic, residential, research and athletic facilities that support a vibrant collegiate experience. Additional goals for this project include:

  • Addressing the need for additional instructional space, academic offices and support service space on Reynolda campus;
  • developing strategies to expand existing dining venue seating and assessing the need for a new dining facility;
  • identifying potential academic and/or administrative uses for University-owned commercial properties;
  • assessing recently acquired real estate for its potential academic, administrative, student activities and recreational uses;
  • and assessing spaces currently under University lease for future use.

“The buildings and spaces where we teach, learn, work and live on this campus are a huge part of what makes Wake Forest so special,” Wente said. “We will continue to invest in all of our physical spaces – academic, residential, athletics and administrative – to ensure we are able to offer environments that inspire creativity, deep learning, thriving, success and community connection.”

More information and ongoing updates about the space utilization study will soon be available on the WFU facilities website.

Parking lot Q entrance from Allen Easley St. closed July 16-30

The following message is shared on behalf of Facilities and Campus Services.

Wake Forest University parking map showing the Allen Easley entrance and Carroll Weathers entrance to lot Q

The west entrance to parking lot Q from Allen Easley Street will be closed from Friday, July 16, through Friday, July 30, while the Scales Fine Arts Center roof is replaced. Lot Q will remain accessible from the north entrance at Carroll Weathers Drive.

Please contact Chris Looper at x4960 with any questions.

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Gulley Drive closed July 9

The following message is shared on behalf of Facilities and Campus Services.

Close-up screenshot of the Wake Forest University campus parking map, showing the location of Gulley Drive and parking lots E and G at either end of the road

A section of Gulley Drive will be closed to thru-traffic on Friday, July 9 between the entrance to parking lot G and the entrance to lot E. Both lots and the Z. Smith Reynolds Library loading drive will remain accessible.

The construction crew will assist any Wake Forest University staff or delivery vehicles that need to access buildings from Gulley Drive, but departing vehicles must drive down the opposite direction of Gulley to exit.

Construction equipment will be set up beside Luter Residence Hall; drivers and pedestrians should take care when navigating around this area.

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Consolidated University Policy Library launch

A new consolidated University Policy Library website (policy.wfu.edu) has been launched to make Wake Forest administrative policies more accessible to the campus community. All administrative policies and supporting documents from departments within Finance & Administration – which includes Budget & Financial Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities & Campus Services, Financial Services, Hospitality & Auxiliary Services, Human Resources and Information Systems – can be viewed on this website, as well as on each corresponding departmental webpage.

These administrative policies provide guidance for the everyday activities of the campus community, clarify the University’s expectations of its individual members, reduce institutional risk, increase efficiency and support the University’s compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Filters are available to refine your search and if you are unsure of the document name, use the A – Z Index feature to view based on keywords.

Additional policy content will be added over time.

Summer renovations and painting: Benson, Babcock and Winston

Benson University Center

Renovations to the Benson University Center first-floor men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as the first-floor wellness room, began on Tuesday, May 18. Contractors will access the sites via the Benson Center loading dock freight elevator. Expect heavy traffic at times through the post office, and exercise caution when moving through the area.

The first-floor restrooms and wellness room will be unavailable through the end of July 2021, when the project is expected to conclude.

Babcock Residence Hall and Winston Hall

Exterior painting projects are scheduled for Babcock Residence Hall and Winston Hall this summer. Babcock Residence Hall painting began on Tuesday, May 18, and will begin on Winston Hall on Monday, May 24. Pending weather conditions, both projects are expected to conclude by the end of July 2021.

Painters will use scaffolding and ladders along the exterior of the buildings; the campus community should exercise caution around these areas while work is ongoing.

Please contact Kim V. Jackson at jackkv@nullwfu.edu or x5290 with any questions or concerns about these projects.

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