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LAC-DS becomes the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success (CLASS)

Banner graphic that says "CLASS: Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success" and "The LAC-DS is now CLASS. New name, same services."Wake Forest’s Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services (LAC-DS) has announced several updates to its office and practices as it marks its 35th year serving the campus community. The LAC-DS will reintroduce itself this semester under a new name: the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success (CLASS). The new name will more accurately represent the mission and strength-based approach of the office, which encourages students to tap into self-determination and resilience when faced with adversity

Although the pandemic posed many challenges, it also inspired the CLASS office to assess its services and the campus’s evolving needs to strengthen its commitment to “providing opportunities for all students to achieve academic success.” CLASS will continue to offer high-quality disability services, academic and learning resources and peer mentoring, supported by a variety of departmental initiatives, including the production of alternative media, academic coaching and peer tutoring. Read more

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