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Summer renovations and painting: Benson, Babcock and Winston

Benson University Center

Renovations to the Benson University Center first-floor men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as the first-floor wellness room, began on Tuesday, May 18. Contractors will access the sites via the Benson Center loading dock freight elevator. Expect heavy traffic at times through the post office, and exercise caution when moving through the area.

The first-floor restrooms and wellness room will be unavailable through the end of July 2021, when the project is expected to conclude.

Babcock Residence Hall and Winston Hall

Exterior painting projects are scheduled for Babcock Residence Hall and Winston Hall this summer. Babcock Residence Hall painting began on Tuesday, May 18, and will begin on Winston Hall on Monday, May 24. Pending weather conditions, both projects are expected to conclude by the end of July 2021.

Painters will use scaffolding and ladders along the exterior of the buildings; the campus community should exercise caution around these areas while work is ongoing.

Please contact Kim V. Jackson at jackkv@nullwfu.edu or x5290 with any questions or concerns about these projects.

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Indoor emergency alarm tests planned March 10-12

Wake Forest University will soon test an upgraded fire alarm system that will bring seven new voice messages to emergency speakers in halls and lobbies in many of its academic, administrative and residential buildings.

Anyone in those buildings March 10-12 (during Spring Break) likely will hear test messages announcing an active shooter, an armed intruder, a tornado or other threatening weather. Testing will also include shelter in place, building evacuation and all clear messages.

Wake Forest is bringing the new voice messages to 28 buildings, with long-term plans to bring them to additional facilities. Already, the University has fire alarm systems campus-wide; some feature a voice message announcing a fire emergency.

The additional messages are made possible by upgrades to existing fire alarm systems.

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