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Conference on the intersections of poetry, science and art, May 13-16

Art and science will come together at Entanglements: A Conference on the Intersections of Poetry, Science, and Art next week from May 13-16.

The 2019 Reynolda Conference at Wake Forest will bring together a diverse range of 10 leading poets, scientists, artists, and scholars from around the world whose work and/or teaching engages with trans-disciplinary investigations into shared principles and methods in literature, science and art.

Featured presenters will be joined by Wake Forest faculty and staff presenters, special guests, visiting attendees and the generalpublic for three days of innovative programming.

The conference is free. No registration is required. A schedule is available here.

Entanglements is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with an award granted to the conference convener, Amy Catanzano, by the Wake Forest University Humanities Institute and the Reynolda House Museum of American Art.

Additional sponsors are the Wake Forest University Humanities Institute with a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Creative Writing Minor in the Department of English, and the Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center (IPLACe) at Wake Forest University.

Entanglements is named after the quantum mechanical phenomenon of entanglement in which states of subatomic particles are intertwined with each other despite being spatially separated.

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Comings and goings for January 2018

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in January 2018:

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Faculty, staff books: 2017

  • Ajami, Riad A., & Jason Goddard. (Business). Global Business: Competitiveness and Sustainability. Routledge. October 2017.
  •  Atchison, R. Jarrod. (Communication). A War of Words: The Rhetorical Leadership of Jefferson Davis. University of Alabama Press. June 2017.
  •  Barnes, Bernadine. (Art). Michelangelo and the Viewer in His Time (Renaissance Lives series). Reaktion Books. June 2017.
  •  Brown, Tommy. (Staff, Communications & External Relations). The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money. Zondervan. March 2017.
  • Cheng, T. J., & Wei-chin Lee, Eds. (Politics & International Affairs). National Security, Public Opinion and Regime Asymmetry: A Six-Country Study. World Scientific. June 2017.
  •  Coates, David, Ed. (Politics & International Affairs). Reflections on the Future of the Left (Building Progressive Alternatives series). Agenda Publishing. November 2017.
  •  Dalton, Mary M. (Communication). The Hollywood Curriculum: Teachers in the Movies, 3rd ed. Peter Lang. January 2017.
  •  Dalton, Mary M., & Laura R. Linder, Eds. (Communication). Screen Lessons: What We Have Learned from Teachers on Television and in the Movies. Peter Lang. January 2017.
  • Eun, Cheol, & Bruce Resnick. (Business). International Financial Management, 8th McGraw-Hill. February 2017.
  •  Fournier-Lanzoni, Rémi. (Italian). Rire de plomb: La comédie à l’italienne des années 70. Presses de l’Harmattan. October 2017.

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Comings and goings for November 2017

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in November 2017:


Barbee, Russell LaMar; Police Officer; University Police
Bowen, Caroline; Coord, Territory Development; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Chakraborty, Debajit; Postdoctoral Research Assoc; Physics
Clarke, Jillian; Parking Enforcement Officer; Parking & Transportation
Doolittle, Christa Kay; Administrative Assistant; Art
Ford, John Phillip; Technical Assistant; Brendle Recital Hall
Gentry, Matthew Ryan; Multimedia Technician II; IS: Administration
Hansen, Chad Dwight; Additional Comp Faculty; Law: Master in Study of Law
Mitchell, Anna Yvette; Assistant to the Dean; Admissions: Undergraduate
Nelson, Indina Latria; Housekeeper; Graylyn: Rooms
Odell, Alisha Rochea; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Pate, Antonio Demont; Dishwasher; Graylyn: Food Services
Porter, Corin E; Coord, Territory Development; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Powers, Frances Vaughn; Administrative Coordinator; WFUSB-Undergrad Summer Mgt Prog
Sells, George Franklin; Tennis Center Assistant; Athletics: Indoor Tennis Ctr
Sheridan, Margaret Louise; Academic Counselor; Dean of Wake Forest College
Speaks, Jodi Lynn; Group Fitness Instructor; Fitness Center
Svete, Jill Marie; Technology & Data Analyst; OPCD: Career & Professional Dev
Taylor, Shane Ulysses; Asst Dir of Student Engagement; Student Engagement


Bondurant-Clark, Shannon; Reynolda House: Security
Carver, Sarah Virginia; Reynolda House: Security
Clark, Andrew Lee; Graylyn: Guest Services
Cunningham, Lelia Ouida; Reynolda House: Security
Dovico, Adam; Education
Elmore, Alisa Jan; Admissions: Undergraduate
Mc Rae, Tabitha Angier; Student Health Service
McKinney, Jason Schachter; Reynolda House: Security
Miles, Ryan Patrick; Law: Admissions
Rainey, April Sunshine; Fitness Center
Rickert, Jeffrey David; Reynolda House: Security
Ruble, Kimberly Dawn; Center for Leadership and Character
Singleton, Bradley Reynard; Intercultural Center
Wedde, Margaret Ramsay; College: Academic Support

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Comings and goings for August 2017

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in August 2017:

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