Reynolda Campus moves to License Plate Recognition to improve parking experience

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Bottom line up front: License plates are replacing hang tags as Reynolda Campus parking permits. Faculty and staff need to log on to the WFU Faculty/Staff Parking Portal to verify and/or update information on vehicles being parked on campus.

Wake Forest is joining hundreds of universities nationwide in implementing Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) to improve the parking experience. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is an advanced parking technology that simplifies the parking permit process. The vehicle’s license plate becomes the parking permit. The technology replaces the hang tags currently used to identify parking registration and lot permissions.

“License Plate Recognition technology makes the parking experience more convenient for students, faculty and staff. It eliminates the need for physical permits – reducing the University’s environmental footprint,” said Alex Crist, director of auxiliary services.

LPR works similarly to a supermarket scanner with your license plate functioning as the barcode. When read, the license plate is referenced against the parking database to verify a valid permit and the proper parking privileges.

Faculty and staff can register more than one car, though only one car can be parked on campus at a time. For the scans to work correctly, license plates must be visible to the University parking patrol.

  • Vehicles must be pulled into a space front first.
  • Parallel parking is allowed with vehicles facing the direction of traffic.

Special note: Employees whose main work location is off campus (University Corporate Center, Human Resources House, Bridger Field House, etc.) are required to register their vehicle with Transportation and Parking Services.

Next steps

Faculty and staff are asked to log on to the WFU Faculty/Staff Parking Portal to manage parking registration accounts. Select the “Vehicles” tab to review and update vehicle information. This Inside WFU post provides additional details.

WFU parking patrol vehicles have been equipped with LPR cameras and are testing the technology in a soft launch. If a license plate is not registered in the LPR system or isn’t visible for scanning, the owner will receive a warning notice as a reminder to update the vehicle in the WFU parking portal.

Please visit WFU Transportation and Parking’s License Plate Recognition website for more information and Q&As. This short video also helps explain how LPR works and the benefits of using the technology.

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