Redmond presented award from Southern Conference on Language Teaching


Mary Lynn Redmond

The Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) presented retired Professor of Education Mary Lynn Redmond with the 2019 SCOLT Founders Award, recently, at its annual conference.  The award is presented to a member who has made significant contributions to SCOLT throughout a number of years and who exemplifies the spirit and ideals of the f0unders of the organization.

“Dr. Redmond’s leadership in post-secondary education has had ripple effects that have positively affected local, national and international language learning,” the organization announced. “Her presentations and publications are varied and the audiences that she addresses span the realm of World Language stakeholders–students, teachers, administrators and policy makers. She has continually linked proficiency-based research and language targets to real classroom practice in the K-20 environment.”

Redmond said, “SCOLT has a distinguished reputation as an outstanding professional that nurtures, supports and challenges its members as life-long learners and educators.  At every step of the way, my personal involvement in this dynamic community has shaped the journey I have had as a world language educator, from my beginning years as a French teacher, continuing throughout my career in teacher education at Wake Forest University.”

Redmond retired from Wake Forest last year.