President Hatch: Workday is live

President Hatch emailed this message to faculty and staff on July 2:

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As an institution, we have long anticipated a time when our manual processes would be transformed to enhance our work. I am pleased to report that this day has arrived. Workday is now available, and faculty and staff will begin using it to maintain personal information, view directories, complete expense reports, hire colleagues and more.

The Transition Guide contains details about accessing the system and downloading a mobile application for Apple and Android devices. The guide also includes process comparisons, a glossary of roles and a launch checklist.

If you have questions, most answers can be found in the step-by-step resources directly in the new system. Questions that remain may be directed to your school or department’s “Power User.” Additionally, a Workday hotline (x5100) and open labs are available to support our campus community during this transition. More information about each of these options is included in the Transition Guide.

I would like to thank Executive Vice President Hof Milam, the dedicated project team and numerous colleagues across campus who have brought this technological advancement to fruition. Workday will significantly improve the service level provided to Wake Forest, while enhancing the ways we collaborate.


Nathan O. Hatch


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