Update from Campus Climate Implementation Team

This message was e-mailed to students, staff and faculty May 5 on behalf of Chief Diversity Officer Barbee Oakes and Vice Provost Lynn Sutton:

Dear Campus Community,

With the end of the semester officially coming to a close with the conclusion of final exams, it seems fitting to update students, faculty and staff about Wake Forest’s ongoing efforts to strengthen our community and commitment to inclusion.

Over the past two years, several groups comprised of students, faculty, and staff met to provide recommendations on how to do so.

Through the work of our Campus Climate Implementation Team, a collaborative network of University leaders, faculty, staff and students commissioned by Provost Rogan Kersh, we have several notable updates to share:

  • Under the direction of Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue and the Police Accountability Task Force, the University Police hired new staff and modified policies to ensure better relationships with community members. Significant changes include ongoing unconscious bias training, a new student patrol program, and continued dialogue between students and officers.

These improvements and many more are available at community.wfu.edu, our redesigned “Community-in-Progress” website that features updates about campus climate and sources feedback from members of the community to share with faculty, staff, and students driving change around diversity and inclusion.

We welcome any questions or comments and plan to provide details about forthcoming changes with community engagement opportunities this fall.

Thank you for your role in our collective and sustained efforts. We move forward only when we all remain committed to the promising work of making Wake Forest a place that truly feels like home to all university members.


Barbee Oakes, Chief Diversity Officer and Lynn Sutton, Vice Provost

Co-Chairs, Campus Climate Implementation Team