Milam, Kersh: Changes ahead for University’s laptop program

This is a post for faculty and staff from Executive Vice President Hof Milam and Provost Rogan Kersh:

In the mid-1990s, Wake Forest earned our reputation as a leader in academic technology by supplying laptops and a suite of professional software to every student. Unlike two decades ago, Wake Forest is no longer limited to a single platform or brand of laptop in order to meet our commitment to technology in teaching and learning. It is clear that personal technology preferences are often established well before first-year students arrive on campus, as seen with the increasing number of students bringing a laptop or tablet with them to campus.

In response to these changes, WakeWare, a new Wake Forest laptop program, will allow students to purchase a competitively priced Dell or Apple laptop from among several model options designed to support academic work. Planning for this change has been developed over the past 18 months with presentations to and input from the College Faculty, CIT, Finance Advisory Committee, Campus Life Advisory Committee, and student focus groups.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Current students who have a University-issued laptop will continue to receive uninterrupted support at The Bridge, the University’s information technology service center located in the Z. Smith Reynolds library.
  • Beginning in fall 2016, incoming undergraduate students will no longer receive a University-issued laptop. Their options include purchasing a WakeWare laptop or bringing their own laptop to campus. Those receiving merit or need-based financial aid through Wake Forest may apply for a technology grant for the purchase of a WakeWare laptop.
  • The Bridge will be staffed to support laptops purchased through the WakeWare program, as well as University-issued laptops belonging to current students, faculty and staff.
  • Information on laptop models and specially negotiated pricing through the WakeWare program will be available online in May 2016. Current students will have the opportunity to purchase through the program up until they graduate.
  • The University-owned faculty/staff computer program will not be affected by this change to the student program. Annual evaluation of appropriate hardware options for faculty and staff will continue to be the responsibility of IS.
  • Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to purchase a laptop for personal use on the WareWare site.

Please visit the WakeWare website at for answers to frequently asked questions regarding this exciting new program. The site will be updated as additional details become available.

Rogan Kersh, Provost

Hof Milam, Executive Vice President