Alternatives to campus parking available

The Office of Sustainability would like to remind faculty and staff of alternatives to parking on campus.


Two or more employees who live near one another, or along the same commuting route, and who work similar hours, can register with the Parking and Transportation office as a carpool. Members of a carpool are issued one carpool hangtag, at no cost, to be exchanged between drivers. Members of the carpool can choose one location on campus to which they would like to park nearest and the Parking and Transportation office will designate a carpool space as near to that location as possible. Each member of the carpool will be issued four (4) daily parking passes per semester to accommodate special commuting circumstances. The full carpool program procedures and policy is available online. Visit Wake Forest’s private ride-sharing website, Zimride, to set up or join a carpool.

Bicycle Commuting

Faculty and staff who ride a bicycle to work on a frequent basis can register with the Parking and Transportation office as bicycle commuters. These employees will be issued eight (8) free day passes per semester that will allow them to drive a vehicle to work and park on-campus, when needed. Faculty and staff who commute by bicycle infrequently have the option of purchasing an on-campus permit or choosing a free permit to park in a satellite lot when driving a vehicle to work.