Power outage Saturday, Dec. 21

A power outage is planned for the Reynolda Campus and University Corporate Center (UCC) on Saturday, Dec. 21. Power to the campus and UCC will be shut down at approximately 8 a.m. so that repairs may be made to the Cherry Street substation.

By approximately 1 p.m., power will be returned to most of the campus. Power is expected to be restored to all of campus and to UCC by 7 p.m.

To prepare for the power outage, Facilities & Campus Services makes the following recommendations:

— Servers not connected to backup power sources should be powered down by 7 a.m.

— Shut down desktop and laptop computers, unless instructed otherwise by Information Systems or administrative staff. If a computer, speaker, phone charger, etc., are on one power strip, turn off the power strip after shutting down your computer.

— If possible, unplug non-essential equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners and chargers.

— If possible, unplug all appliances, including coffee makers, microwaves, televisions and radios. (Do not unplug refrigerators.)

— Turn off office lights and as much public lighting as possible in hallways, bathrooms, break rooms and conference rooms.

If you experience any issues or problems during the outage, have any special requirements or need to be notified when the power is restored, contact Ed Bullington at 240-0033, bullinew@nullwfu.edu or the Utilities Operation Center at 758-4747.

This message is provided by Facilities & Campus Services.

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