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Wake Forest EMS team to participate in April 1 training event

This announcement was emailed to students, faculty and staff on March 30:

The Wake Forest Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team will participate April 1 in a mass casualty drill at the LJVM Coliseum.

The drill will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Mountain Dew parking lot at the Coliseum.  It is intended to provide hands-on training in the event of a serious accident or on-campus emergency.

The Wake Forest EMS team is a student-run organization with student volunteers who respond as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to 911 medical calls 24/7 during the academic year.  This academic year, it’s already responded to about 300 calls.

In this highly visual event, the students will be dispatched to a simulated incident and will practice how to call for additional resources to assist them. The student EMTs will be unaware of what the incident is until the training occurs April 1 and will conduct themselves as though a mass casualty incident has happened.

Patients with varying degrees of simulated injuries will be part of the training event. Student EMTs will practice treating injuries, as well as setting up a triage system to evaluate patients and determine the order of treatment of patients.

The University Police Department, the Winston-Salem Police Department, the University’s Student Health Service, the Winston-Salem Fire Department and the Forsyth County EMS will participate in the drill.

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