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Update: Faculty promotions

This is an update to a previous announcement regarding faculty promotions:

Congratulations to Wake Forest University faculty who have received promotions, recently.

Promoted to full professor:

Miriam Ashley-Ross (Biology)
Michaelle Browers (Politics and International Affairs)
Judy Kem (Romance Languages)
Stephen Murphy (Romance Languages)

Promoted to associate professor:

Michael Anderson (Biology)
R. Jarrod Atchison (Communication)
Tina Boyer (German and Russian)
Hana Brown (Sociology)
Samuel Cho (Physics and Computer Science)
John Dalton (Economics)
Susan Harlan (English)
Sarah Mason (Mathematics and Statistics)
Gregory Parks (Law)
John Ruddiman (History)
Michael Sloan (Classical Languages)
Joel Tauber (Art)
Andrew Verstein (Law)
Christian Waugh (Psychology)
Heiko Wiggers (German and Russian)

Promoted to associate librarian:

Kyle Denlinger
Jeffrey M. Eller

Promoted to teaching professor:

Lynn Book (Theatre/Dance)
Angela King (Chemistry)
Kathryn Levy (Music)
Pat Lord (Biology)
Darlene May (Romance Languages)
Al Rives (Chemistry)

Promoted to associate teaching professor:

Jack Dostal (Physics)
David Hagy (Music)
Adam Kadlac (Philosophy)

Promoted to professor of the practice:

Justin Catanoso (English)
Yasuko Rallings (East Asian Languages)

Promoted to associate professor of the practice:

Brantly Shapiro (Theatre/Dance)

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Teaching & Learning Center honors innovative teachers

Teaching and Learning Center award winners

From left: Sarah Mason, Grace Wetzel, Christa Colyer, Cynthia Gendrich, Jack Dostal

Every year the Teaching and Learning Center honors up to five faculty for innovations in their teaching. This year’s winners span the sciences, the arts, literature and mathematics, but all share the dedication to teaching and the willingness to take risks that result in better student learning.

Find out more about the innovative work of Christa Colyer (chemistry), Cynthia Gendrich (theater), Grace Wetzel (English), Jack Dostal (physics), Stewart Carter (music) and Sarah Mason (mathematics).  Read more

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