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Staff recognized for milestones, Employees of the Year announced

This is a guest post from Human Resources:

Members of the campus community honored service milestones of more than 250 Wake Forest staff members who were celebrating approximately 2,800 combined years of service. These individuals were recognized at the 16th annual Staff Rewards & Recognition on Tuesday, October 11 at Bridger Field House. Later in the day, a campus-wide reception was open to all faculty and staff in the Green Room of Reynolda Hall.

Staff members celebrating 30 or more years of service included:

  • 30 years: Cathy Chinlund (Advancement), Sherman Hart (Reynolda House), Gale Newport (Benson University Center), Beth Tedford (Z. Smith Reynolds Library)
  • 35 years: Janet Cromer (School of Law), Cindy Davis (Biology), Mike Ford (Campus Life), Dallas Nifong (Facilities & Campus Services)
  • 40 years: Michael Bottoms (University Police), Carrnell Covington (Facilities & Campus Services), Ann Knox (Parking & Transportation)
Wake Forest President Nathan O. Hatch presents staff member Betsy Chapman with the Employee of the Year plaque on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

President Hatch presents staff member Betsy Chapman with the Employee of the Year plaque

Betsy Chapman, Director of Parent Giving, and Patty Kennedy, Administrative Assistant in the Department of Health and Exercise Science, were also recognized as Employees of the Year. They were nominated by faculty and staff for their contributions in the areas of innovation, integrity, accountability, inclusion, and Pro Humanitate.

Chapman was honored for mentoring students and helping parents feel part of the Wake Forest experience. The Daily Deac blog she authors was cited throughout her award nomination as a highly effective way to connect parents with the campus community. As the nomination reads, “Betsy is a valuable asset to Wake Forest, and her professionalism and genuine love for the university and its students should be commended!”

Wake Forest President Nathan O. Hatch presents staff member Patty Kennedy with the Employee of the Year plaque on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

President Hatch presents staff member Patty Kennedy with the Employee of the Year plaque

Kennedy was recognized for embracing new ideas and serving as a positive role model for new staff members. The award nomination states, “Patty is always thinking of creative ways to deal with problems, with the goal of making positive changes for everyone. She is well aware of the need to serve both the department and the community.” Kennedy has demonstrated this community service through her work with the United Way and Arts Council.

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March 2016 faculty and staff milestones

See a list of faculty and staff milestones in March 2016:

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SAC announces results of election

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2013 election. Please congratulate the seven new SAC representatives from across the university staff: Shana Atkins (Advancement), Shannon Badgett (Budget and Finance Planning), David Carlson (FACS: Warehouse), Matt Clifford (Residence Life and Housing), Susan Edwards (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs), Christy Hill (FACS: Project Management), and Kim Thore (University Stores).

In addition to newly-elected representatives, Karen Frekko (Schools of Business) and Jennifer Killingsworth (Financial & Accounting Services) have been re-elected to serve an additional term. Each SAC representative will serve a term of three years and may be re-elected to serve one additional term.

The SAC received nominations from March 1-22 and held the election from April 8 – April 22.  The SAC received a total of 26 unique nominations across the six staff divisions. The overall staff voting participation rate was 36 percent (566 of 1,560 eligible voters). Two divisions, Athletics and Other, did not have any open SAC positions and therefore did not participate in the 2013 election. Click here for a list of SAC divisions.

The SAC would like to thank the representatives whose terms are ending this year: Cathy Chinlund, Debbie Deheck, Teresa Earl, Tomma Guastaferro, Melvin Lee and Donna Thornton.

For more information about the SAC, please visit:  http://sac.wfu.edu

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April 2011 staff milestones

30 Years

Michael Dallas Nifong, Service Technician, Facilities and Campus Services Read more

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Cook, Early named Employees of the Year

Linda Early and Bernice Cook

Bernice Cook, a longtime employee in the Financial and Accounting Services Office, and Linda Early with the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, have been named the 2010 Employees of the Year.

Cook, an accounts receivable representative who has worked at Wake Forest for nearly 35 years, was recognized in the non-exempt staff category. Early, coordinator of the acquisitions unit in the library, was recognized in the exempt category. The awards were announced at the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon in the Benson University Center on Oct. 7.

About 225 employees were recognized for service anniversaries ranging from five years to 40 years during the luncheon. Schools of Business Dean Steve Reinemund, the keynote speaker, saluted the staff for making a difference for students and the University.

Nominees for Employees of the Year were:

FLSA Exempt Employees

  • Donnie Adams, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Sylvia Bell, Student Health Services
  • John Borwick, Information Systems
  • Cathy Chinlund, University Advancement
  • Randy Davis, University Stores
  • Linda Early, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • Trevor Hughes, School of Law
  • Jean Paul Lacy, Department of Communication
  • Peter B. Nachand, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Deirdre (Dee) Perry, Office of the Dean
  • Jolie Tingen, Department of Music
  • Doug Yorke, Information Systems

FLSA Non-Exempt Employees

  • Peggy Beckman, Schools of Business
  • Carol Brehm, Department of Music
  • Bernice Cook, Financial and Accounting Services
  • Cynthia Hall, Department of Romance Languages
  • Linda Mecum, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Janice Schuyler, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Lisa Wilkinson, Schools of Business

Employees celebrating five-year anniversaries:

40 Years

Toby Hale, Dean’s Office
Carolyn Potts, Student Health Services

35 Years

Doug Bland, Athletics
Keith Wise, Facilities and Campus Services
Ken Zick, Student Life

30 Years

Zella Johnson, Biology
Reid Morgan, Legal Office
Camilla Wilcox, Reynolda Gardens

25 Years

Scott Adair, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Carol Anderson, School of Law
Karen Bennett, Dean’s Office
Sandy Boyles, Mail Services
Julia Bradford, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
James Carlin, Athletics
Linda Early, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Lynn Ebert, Schools of Business
Mary Gerardy, Student Life
Julie Griffin, Athletics
Kathy Hines, School of Law
Anita Hughes, Provost’s Office
Jay Lawson, Music Department
Cherin Poovey, Wake Forest Magazine
Lillian Shelton, Secrest Artist Series
Elide Vargas, Political Science Department

20 Years

Freddy Acuna, Financial and Accounting Services
Grady Allen, Facilities and Campus Services
Brigett Beck, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Annemarie Buwalda, School of Law
Kevin Cox, Communications and External Relations
Kriss Dinkins, Information Systems
Debbie Hellmann, Financial and Accounting Services
Candide Jones, Wake Forest University Press
Lisa Kaplan, Information Systems
Jean Kimmer, Registrar’s Office
Margaret Lankford, School of Law
Regina Lawson, University Police
Carol Lewis, University Theatre
John McCrowell, Facilities and Campus Services
Nancy Metcalf, International Studies
Roxann Moody, Athletics
Peter Nachand, Facilities and Campus Services
Andrea Neal, Graylyn
Nancy Respess, Dean’s Office
Natascha Romeo, Student Health Services
Martine Sherrill, Art Department
Lizzie Wallace, University Bookstore
Ray Watson, Graylyn

15 Years

Michael Blankenship, Facilities and Campus Services
Carter Cook, Facilities and Campus Services
Francis Daniels, Facilities and Campus Services
Melissa Doub, Chemistry Department
Todd Edwards, Information Systems
Evelyn Frazier, Facilities and Campus Services
Sherman Funderbunk, Facilities and Campus Services
Donna Gung, President’s Office
Joan Habib, Sociology Department
Tanya Johnson, Facilities and Campus Services
Doris Jones, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Pamela Karr, Counseling Department
Alan Keely, School of Law
Vanessa Little, Graylyn
Sherry Long, Athletics
Pat McElroy, Student Health Services
Randy MacDonald, University Police
Ellen Makaravage, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Jeff Muday, Biology Department
Art Pittman, Information Systems
Terry Poovey, Undergraduate Admissions
Drew Ray, Information Systems
Janice Schuyler, Facilities and Campus Services
James Shupe, Facilities and Campus Services
Ruth Smith, Financial and Accounting Services
Rusty Smithey, Schools of Business
Rick Tomlinson, Information Systems
Jane Vogler, Military Science
Steven Wicker, Mathematics Department
Thomas Wilborn, Facilities and Campus Services
Artanzia Yates, Information Systems
Ching-Wan Yip, Physics

10 Years

Marciano Alvarado, Facilities and Campus Services
Reina Alvardo, Facilities and Campus Services
Sandra Ashley, Graylyn
Craig Bartholomew, Graylyn
Kevin Bender, Schools of Business
Roger Bonnett, Information Systems
Craig Bullins, University Police
Carroll Burnette, Facilities and Campus Services
LaDonna Crist, University Advancement
Emily Cockerham, University Advancement
Anita Conrad, Legal Office
Carol DiGiantommaso, Graduate School
Cathy Dillingham, Financial and Accounting Services
Vada Lou Earle, University Advancement
Angie Elsea, Information Systems
Christia Fisher, Athletics
Demetrius Gibson, Athletics
Lenny Grant, Information Systems
Michael Greene, School of Law
Tim Grubbs, Information Systems
Cynthia Hall, Romance Languages Department
Sheila Hatfield, Financial and Accounting Services
Phil Hendrix, Purchasing
Angie Hobbs, School of Law
Heather Holmes, Athletics
Vanessa Horan, East Asian Languages and Culture
Karen Hunter, Financial and Accounting Services
Gina Jarrett, School of Law
Virgil Jessup, School of Law
Jimmy Johnson, University Police
Will Lardin, Information Systems
Lauren Largen, Graylyn
Miranda Laws, Information Systems
Dennis Lewis, Mail Services
Dwight Lewis, Athletics
James Lewis, Information Systems
Maynard Lloyd, Law School
Bobby Mabe, Facilities and Campus Services
Paul Marley, Art Department
Susan McFadyen, Financial and Accounting Services
Donna McGalliard, Residence Life and Housing
Chris McLaughlin, Information Systems
Doris McLaughlin, Human Resources
Kristen Morgan, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Beverly Nesbit, Health and Exercise Science
Joseph Novicki, Information Systems
James Overstreet, Athletics
Stacy Owen, Schools of Business
Irene Picconi, Romance Languages Department
Bonnie Rae, Athletics
Jean Reader, School of Law
Kim Robertson, University Advancement
Sonja Ross, Human Resources
Mike Rutherford, Athletics
Angie Sink, Schools of Business
Laura Statham, Athletics
Mike Terry, Information Systems
Donna Thornton, President’s House
Steven Turner, Facilities and Campus Services
Joanne VanSlice, Economics Department
Buffi Vestal, Financial and Accounting Services
Robert Vidrine, Education Department
Tim Wells, Information Systems
Denise Williard, Residence Life and Housing
Michael Woodard, Facilities and Campus Services
Rick Woollen, Facilities and Campus Services
Mitzi Wright, Information Systems
Wayne Yates, Facilities and Campus Services

5 Years

Tania Acuna, American Ethnic Studies
LeShea Agnew, WFDD
Mike Ayuso, Information Systems
Michelle Adkins, Facilities and Campus Services
Sandra Boswell, Athletics
Kyle Bryner, Museum of Anthropology
Mike Buddie, Athletics
Andrew Bush, Graylyn
Teresa Carlton, University Police
Chris Carson, Facilities and Campus Services
Brandi Cleveland, University Advancement
Phyllis Clodfelter, Undergraduate Admissions
Diane Collins, Student Health Services
Winford Cook, Legal Office
Jane Crouse, Mathematics Department
Molly Davis, WFDD
Pattie Delph, Facilities and Campus Services
Eric Dudley, Athletics
Georgina Duque, Facilities and Campus Services
Mary Margaret Evans, University Advancement
Christie Fain, Health and Exercise Science
Kate Friedenberg, Brendle Recital Hall
Lexie Gabard, Health and Exercise Science
Pam Gardner, Facilities and Campus Services
Jill Gaukstern, Health and Exercise Science
Randy Grimes, University Police
Tomma Guastaferro, Human Resources
Wendy Harper, Financial and Accounting Services
Nathan Hatch, President’s Office
Steve Hirst, Residence Life and Housing
Beth Hoagland, Provost’s Office
Marc Jones, Facilities and Campus Services
Mimi Komos, Human Resources
Joy Kontos, Athletics
Amber Larsen, Athletics
Terri Legrand, Financial Aid
Sheila Lockhart, Religion Department
Michael Manili, Facilities and Campus Services
David McGill, Facilities and Campus Services
Barbara Meredith, Financial and Accounting Services
Kathryn Mobley, WFDD
Dana Muto, Residence Life and Housing
Matt Nelkin, Communications and External Relations
Mandy O’Brien, Information Systems
Amber Parrish, Schools of Business
Nicole Rodriguez Pastor, Residence Life and Housing
Summer Peters, Financial and Accounting Services
Mike Piscetelli, Athletics
Daan Polders, Athletics
Mary Pugel, President’s Office
Lawrence Reidenbach, Graylyn
Krista Robeson, Information Systems
Danielle Rhyne, Graylyn
Walter Riggsbee, Graylyn
Rick Rumley, University Police
Catherine Sapp, School of Law
Samuel Seat, Graylyn
Kelly Segovia, Human Resources
Catherine Sheff, President’s House
Casey Siegra-Riz, Graylyn
Beverly Simmons, Facilities and Campus Services
Willie Singletary, Facilities and Campus Services
Darlene Starnes, Multicultural Affairs
Leigh Stulack, University Advancement
Lori Sykes, Schools of Business
David Taylor, International Studies
Benjamin Venable, Facilities and Campus Services
Jimmy Vogler, Graylyn
Leroy Walker, Information Systems
Mary Watson, Facilities and Campus Services
Beth Ann Way, Athletics
Allison Wetterhahn, Human Resources
Becky White, University Advancement
Sheila White, Graduate School
Dennis Whittington, Facilities and Campus Services
Lisa Wilkinson, Schools of Business
Chad Willis, Athletics
Dominique Wilson, Graylyn
Judith Wright, Schools of Business
Mark Young, University Police

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