Professor Emeritus of Art Harry Titus has died

Harry Titus Professor Emeritus of Art Harry Titus passed away on June 26. He was 81 years old.

A gifted communicator and teacher, Titus brought his love of art history to the classroom where he taught generations of students over 32 years. He retired in 2013. 

As a teacher, Titus was genial, generous, patient, and accessible but uncompromising in the standards that he encouraged his students to meet. His gift lay in recognizing each student’s potential.

His research on gothic cathedrals was based in France, and he frequently took students with him on summer trips, engaging them in the subject matter and research methods and giving them a firsthand introduction to the country and culture that he loved.

In the fall semester of 1986, he was the director of Casa Artom. Titus embraced the opportunity to immerse himself in another language and culture, and he enjoyed sharing the experience with his students.

We extend our condolences to Titus’s family and friends and to those who had the opportunity to know him. An obituary can be found here.

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