Inclusive features available for WFU business cards

Wake Forest stakeholders in CER, Procurement, the LGBTQ+ Center, and the IS Technology Accessibility team have partnered to bring new options to enhance the inclusivity of WFU business cards.

Through Allegra, our stationery supply partner, Wake Forest staff and faculty can now add their personal pronouns and braille embossing to their business cards. You are encouraged to learn more about these options and consider if they fit your needs when making your next business card order.

Sharing personal pronouns (e.g. he/his, she/her, they/them) helps those just meeting you know what pronouns you use without having to make an assumption based on your appearance, name, or any other factor. This eases the way for more respectful communication. When added to a business card, pronouns will be included in parenthesis after the individual’s name and credentials. For more information about including pronouns on your business cards, or conversation about pronouns in general, contact the University’s LGBTQ+ Center at or sign up for an upcoming Developing Empowering and Affirming Communities (D.E.A.C.) Allies workshop.

The addition of braille to business cards allows those who are blind or have low vision to have access to essential information on your business card. If the braille option is selected for cards, the braille will be embossed on the back of each standard card. The information included in the braille will be: the staff/faculty member’s name, Wake Forest Univ, and email address. Brailling on the cards requires an additional fee and a longer lead time. For more information on this braille option, or accessibility in general, contact Director for Technology Accessibility Eudora Struble,

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