Faculty resources for ChatGPT

Portrait of Michele Gillespie

A message from Provost Michele Gillespie

This is always a busy and exciting time of year in academia with faculty and staff working tirelessly to prepare for the semester ahead. But the fall of 2023 brings a relatively new challenge for Wake Forest teacher-scholars–determining how they will approach the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in their classrooms.

Given the complex, highly variable and ever-changing landscape of generative AI, the University has not yet established an institutional policy governing AI use on campus. Instead, schools, departments, course coordinators, and individual instructors have been encouraged to develop approaches aligned with their pedagogical goals. As a result, most instructors are free to take whatever approach they prefer. But with so much information out there and so many factors to consider, determining the right approach and constructing policies can be overwhelming.

Betsy Barre, Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) recently released the first in a series of blog posts designed to provide Wake Forest faculty with valuable resources and support to guide them as they navigate the questions surrounding AI in the classroom.

Faculty can already find information on AI policy, syllabus statements, and strategies for preserving academic integrity. In the coming days, CAT will also share strategies for using AI to support student learning, discuss ways AI might support faculty’s work as teachers, and recommend readings, podcasts, and videos for those who want to learn more about the nature of artificial intelligence and its broader implications for society. Sign up here to receive notifications about the latest blog posts or to subscribe to the CAT newsletter. CAT is also available for consultations if faculty have questions or would like a conversation partner as they think through their approach.

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