Faculty promotions announced

CongratsCongratulations to the following Wake Forest faculty who recently received promotions 👏

Promotion to Full Professor
Jarrod Atchison, Communication
Margaret Bender, Anthropology
Jay Curley, Art
Robert Eastman-Mullins, Theatre and Dance
Robert Erhardt, Statistical Sciences
Jennifer Greiman, English
Amanda Griffith, Economics
Susan Harlan, English
Remi Lanzoni, Italian Studies
Sarah Mason, Mathematics
Mark Scholl, Counseling
Michael Sloan, Classics
Christina Soriano, Theatre and Dance
Barry Trachtenberg, History
Charles Walldorf, Politics & International Affairs

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure
Lina Bendabdallah, Politics & International Affairs
Abbey Bourdon, Mathematics
Chris Brown, English
Jamie Crockett, Counseling
John Gemmer, Mathematics
Annalise Glauz-Todrank, Study of Religions
David Johnson, Counseling
John Lukesh, Chemistry
Amanda Vincent, French Studies

Promotion to Professor of Law
Allyson Gold, School of Law
Sarah Morath, School of Law

Promotion to Associate Professor of Law
Alyse Bertenthal, School of Law

Promotion to Librarian
Kathy Shields, ZSR Library

Promotion to Associate Librarian
Summer Krstevsk, ZSR Library
Denice Lewis, ZSR Library

Promotion to Full Professor of the Practice
Chris Sheridan, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Promotion to Associate Professor of the Practice
Crystal Dixon, Health & Exercise Science
Greg Pool, Entrepreneurship

Promotion to Full Teaching Professor
Erin Branch, English
Jack Dostal, Physics

Promotion to Associate Teaching Professor
Justin Allman, Mathematics
Polly Black, Communication
Nicole Dalzell, Statistical Sciences
Ted Eaves, Health & Exercise Science
Danielle Koupf, English
Carter Smith, English
Abbie Wrights, Health & Exercise Science
Lynne Yengulalp, Mathematics

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