Faith Coordinating Center launches initiative to end the HIV epidemic

screen shot The Gilead COMPASS Initiative® Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University School of Divinity announced the launch of the “Black Faith and HIV” initiative, a dynamic hub for interfaith communities to access educational and communications resources, virtual and in-person professional development opportunities, and sustainable mechanisms for addressing the HIV epidemic in their communities.

Learn more about the new initiative on the School of Divinity website here.

“Faith-based organizations continue to hold a significant and influential role in the lives of African American people living with and affected by HIV in the American South,” said Rev. Dr. Shonda Jones, Founder, the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. “The Black Faith and HIV initiative is an opportunity for us to re-engage interfaith leaders and equip them with the tools to provide spiritual care, improve mental health, and promote medication adherence in people living with HIV.”

In 2023, the site will launch its first online learning modules for those interested in acquiring skills for HIV and faith work. Individuals who sign up for the Black Faith and HIV newsletter will receive first looks and access to new site features and offerings.

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