Physics department accepted into EP3’s Departmental Action Leadership Institute

Wake Forest University’s Department of Physics has been selected to participate in the first Departmental Action Leadership Institute (DALI), which will train physics departments using the Effective Practices for Physics Programs (EP3) to effect change.

The EP3 Guide provides resources for physics departments to help implement best practices in a variety of areas from recruiting majors, preparing them for careers, improving curricula and increasing diversity. The EP3 is a product of the American Physical Society (APS) in collaboration with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

The physics department plans to focus on changes that increase diversity and improve the curriculum in ways that attract more majors.

Associate Professor Eric Carlson, Professor Jed Macosko, and Professor Fred Salsbury have volunteered to serve as change leaders, with Carlson and Salsbury attending a kickoff workshop in College Park, Maryland, from Sept. 9 – 11. After the kickoff, the change leaders will meet virtually bi-weekly with the EP3 team and other change leaders and report back to the department.

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