Faculty books published

BooksCongratulations to Wake Forest University faculty from the Reynolda Campus who reported the following books were published.

June 2022

Jonathan Brant, Edward Brooks, & Michael Lamb, Eds. (Program for Leadership & Character). Cultivating Virtue in the University. Oxford University Press. 2022.

July 2022

Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo & Laurel Marshall Potter. (Divinity). Re-membering the Reign of God: The Decolonial Witness of El Salvador’s Church of the Poor. Lexington Books. 2022.

A. Z. Obiedat. (Middle East & South Asia Studies). Modernity and the Ideals of Arab-Islamic and Western-Scientific Philosophy: The Worldviews of Mario Bunge and Taha Abd al-Rahman. Palgrave Macmillan. 2022.

Jonathan P. Pinder. (Business). Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation, 2nd ed. Elsevier Academic Press. 2022.

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