Reflections on the past two years

This message is sent on behalf of Provost Rogan Kersh and Executive Vice President Hof Milam.

Dear colleagues,

Two years ago this week, Wake Forest temporarily suspended in-person classes and asked students not to return from spring break. Staff able to work from home were encouraged to do so, and working groups and committees sprang into action to develop the research collaborations, policies and protocols necessary to mitigate risks to public health.

For two years, we endured masks, social distancing and tutorials on hand washing. We canceled events, adjusted plans and postponed travel. We submitted to contact tracing, vaccine requirements, two dozen Zoom forums, and lengthy email updates. We suffered through loneliness, feared the unknown and mourned the loss of family and friends.

Our reflection on the past two years brings heartache but also appreciation: for new methods of teaching, learning and working. As we moved outdoors and into the fresh air, we developed a new appreciation for the natural and carefully cultivated beauty of our campus. We renewed our sense of mission and purpose to prepare students to make a positive impact on the world.

Today marks a milestone: the last day that masks are required in Wake Forest classrooms*, and the last day we’ll require proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend events. To celebrate seems premature, but to miss an opportunity for gratitude is unfathomable.

Thank you for your collective effort and sacrifice. Thank you for your patience and grace. Thank you for coming together as a community dedicated to the ethos of Pro Humanitate.


Hof Milam
Executive Vice President

Rogan Kersh

* — Faculty may still request that students wear masks in their classroom through the end of the semester.