New centralized shuttle stop and extension of Wake Forest Road coming for Fall 2022

Wake Forest will begin two campus-improvement projects after the 2022 Commencement: a new centralized shuttle stop replacing Lot N and the extension of Wake Forest Road from the Reynolda Road entrance through Davis Field. This renovation plan stems from extensive study by campus representatives and Ayers Saint Gross, a leading campus-planning firm, that resulted in updates to the campus master plan that were done in 2018 and 2019.

Centralized shuttle stop

The new centralized shuttle stop will increase efficiency in shuttle service for the Reynolda Campus. The transportation hub, to be located in Lot N between Poteat and Kitchin Residence Halls, will improve route times by allowing all shuttles to arrive and depart from a central location – creating a schedule that is easier to navigate for faculty, staff and students. Two new bus shelters will keep riders protected from inclement weather.

Construction on the new shuttle stop will include improvements to Wake Forest Road coming from the University Parkway entrance that will add a right-hand turn lane and align the traffic patterns with parking lot N. These updates will improve vehicle and pedestrian safety at the intersection. 

The new transportation hub is part of the first phase of the 2021 WFU mobility study.

Extension of Wake Forest Road

The approved campus renovation plan also includes the extension of Wake Forest Road through Davis Field. This change resurrects the original campus plan devised by Jens Fredrick Larson, who designed a road that passed through Davis Field until it was rerouted in 1991. 

The extension of the Wake Forest Road from the Reynolda Road entrance will improve traffic circulation and continue the iconic arrival experience to campus, with the arch on Hearn Plaza as a central visual feature. Additional benefits include improved access to campus that also reduces traffic near the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Reynolda Hall and Benson Center.

The road will offer an expanded walking and biking network through Davis Field. No trees will be removed from the lower part of Davis field. The large legacy oak trees on Davis Field will remain. New trees will be planted for beauty and additional lighting will improve safety for students, faculty and staff.

Additional modifications to Lot B, located between Efird and Davis Residence Halls, will improve traffic alignment and vehicle and pedestrian safety. No trees will be removed from the lower part of Davis field. The large legacy oak trees on Davis Field will remain. New trees will be planted for beauty and shade.

Construction on both projects will begin immediately after commencement with work expected to be completed by fall of 2022. The improvements to campus will result in changes to parking options for faculty, staff and visitors. More information will be shared before construction begins in May, and communications to campus will continue as the projects progress throughout the summer.

Campus Q&As

Q&A Centralized Shuttle Center
(Parking Lot N – Visitor Parking)

Will there be visitor parking in Lot N as well as shuttle services?
Beginning in Fall 2022, Lot N will become a transportation hub for campus shuttles only. All shuttles will run from the transportation hub on fixed routes.

Where will visitors park?
Ten visitor spaces will be relocated to Lot A and ten visitor spaces will be relocated to Lot P. These parking lots are on either side of Wait Chapel

Where will handicapped parking be relocated?
There are four existing handicap spaces in Lot N. One will be relocated to Lot M near Reynolda Hall and three will be relocated to Lot A next to Wait Chapel.

Where will students park when moving into Kitchen and Poteat Residence Halls?
Shuttle operations will temporarily operate from Parking Lot C next to Reynolda Hall and Benson University Center. The transportation hub area will be available to students for move-in day.

How will these changes affect Campus Kitchen?
The Campus Kitchen van can park in Lot P next to Wait Chapel and use Lot N to load as needed in coordination with Parking and Transportation Services.

Will service vehicles be able to use this lot?
Facilities & Campus Service vehicles will be able to park at the top of Lot N.

Will delivery vehicles have access to this lot?
Lot N will be reconfigured to allow more maneuvering space for delivery vehicles to continue to use this location.

Where will visitors park for special events?
Parking Lot N will not be able to be reserved for special event parking, except for Commencement and student move-in/out. As an alternative, 2400 Reynolda is available for event parking with shuttle transportation.

Where will the Zipcar be relocated?
The Zipcar will be relocated to the parking lot near Worrell Professional Center and across from Kentner Stadium. (Lot W1)

Where will students park when visiting nearby residence halls and lounges?
After 5 p.m., students can park in General or Faculty/Staff lots (except the parking lot circle near Reynolda Hall and Benson University Center (24-hour reserved for visitors, Lot C) and the parking lot next to Olin Physical laboratory (24-hour reserved for faculty and staff, Lot D). Before 5 p.m., students can use the timed 15-minute and 30-minute spaces to unload groceries, run a quick errand or other activities. In addition, Express Loading/Unloading spaces are available throughout campus that students can use at any time of the day.

Will city bus service use the transportation hub?
The Winston-Salem city buses will continue to use the existing bus stop located on Carroll Weathers Dr. near Parking Lot W1.

Will the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School bus stops change?
This school bus route has designated stops on campus and will continue to adhere to this route.

Q&A Extention of Wake Forest Road

Why is the road being extended?
The road expansion will provide an improved arrival experience to the campus core from the Reynolda Road entrance and provide improved access for cars and campus shuttles to University properties to the west of the Reynolda Campus. The road will reduce traffic near ZSR Library, Benson Center and Reynolda Hall and expand options for walking and biking. 

Will the portion of Wake Forest Road along Davis Field connected to Faculty Drive remain open?
The portion of Wake Forest Road surrounding Davis Field will remain open. During the initial phase of the road extension, construction may require temporarily redirecting traffic. 

How will the changes affect faculty/staff parking?
The realignment of the road will result in the removal of 24 faculty/staff parking spaces. To offset that reduction in parking spaces, thirty spaces in the parking lot across from the divinity school near Dogwood and Magnolia Residence Halls (Lot Q) will be designated as faculty/staff spaces. Fifteen of those spaces will be located near Scales Fine Arts Center (in addition to the 47 currently available), and 15 will be near Farrell Hall (in addition to the 22 currently available).

How will delivery vehicles be affected?
The top of Lot B will be reconfigured to allow more maneuvering space for delivery vehicles to continue to use this location.

Will parking be available for special events?
Parking Lot B will continue to be used for event parking upon advance approval from Parking Services.

Will there be parking for service vehicles?
There will be spaces designated for Service Vehicles Only.

What about handicap parking availability?
The same number of handicap parking spaces will be available in Lot B as prior to the planned improvements. 

Will the trees remain on Davis Field? 
No trees on the lower part of Davis Field are being removed. Some trees on the upper part of Davis field and around the parking area between Efird and Davis will be removed. The legacy oaks will remain. New trees will be planted for beauty and shade at the appropriate time of year when the trees are most likely to take root and thrive. Wake Forest’s Tree Care Advisory Committee will be reviewing the plans for approval this spring. 

How will the road affect the walkway to Scales Fine Arts Center?
The current walkway to Scales will be replaced with a new walkway that will allow similar access across the street from the parking Lot B between Efird and Davis Residence Halls

What will happen to the swings?
The swings will remain in place. Swings that may end up being positioned too close to the new sidewalk may be relocated.

Where will the marching band practice take place?
The band will continue to practice on Davis Field after the construction is completed.

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