WFU to expand programming in Wait Chapel

Hearn Plaza and Wait Chapel framed by fall leavesWait Chapel, Wake Forest University’s most iconic building, has hosted religious services, academic ceremonies, concerts, lectures, weddings and other events for more than 60 years. Jonathan Lee Walton, who joined the University in 2019 as Dean of the Divinity School and the inaugural Dean of Wait Chapel, is working diligently to ensure its continued relevance.

Through collaborations on and off campus, Walton is implementing programming to bring more vibrancy to the building that’s situated near the center of campus.

“We’re intentional with each generation of students,” Walton said. “We understand that Wake Forest as a community is different today in 2021 than it was in 1962, 1981 or even 2001. Thus, we want the chapel to be an active site of engagement in the present, which means that we must both affirm tradition and expand our creative reach.”

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