Add your contribution to our Wake United Campaign!

This message is shared on behalf of the 2021 Wake United Campaign Cabinet. 

Dear Wake Forest Colleagues,

Our 2021 Wake United campaign is underway. Thank you to those who have already made a contribution this year! To date, we have raised over $70,000. Your donation supports our local United Way in working to create a stable, educated, healthy, and economically mobile Forsyth County.

It will take all of us to reach our goal of $270,000 by the end of this month. Our campaign only runs through October 31, so please don’t wait to respond. No matter how large or small, each contribution matters in furthering our collective effort.

Giving is easy: 

  1. Click the link below (or here) to go to our Wake Forest specific campaign pledge page.
  2. Follow the instructions and sign in using your WFU email address.
  3. Select how you’d like to give and enter the amount of your gift.
  4. Complete any requested payment information and click ‘submit.’

A few tips:

  1. Give a little each month! The payroll deduction option breaks down your donation into twelve or twenty-six even contributions based on your pay cycle. This will spread out your donation over the course of the year and come out of your regular paycheck.
  2. Designate your gift! Did you know that you can select an existing non-profit that you support and designate your gift directly to that organization? When completing your pledge, click on the designation drop-down and follow the instructions. You can make a designation as long as the gift is at least $25.

Last year 100% of our head coaches gave to the Wake Forest campaign. Will you join them?

Make Your Pledge Today!

Hear from Head Football Coach Dave Clawson and Head Women’s Golf Coach Kim Lewellen about why they choose to Live United.


2021 Wake United Campaign Cabinet

Brad Shugoll, Wake United Campaign Chair
Ashley Wechter, Wake United Campaign Co-Chair
Mary Pugel, Office of the President
John Shenette, Vice President, Facilities and Campus Services
Denise Griggs, Assistant to the Dean of the College
Leigh Stanfield, Executive Director for Global Engagement & Administration
Kathleen O’Rourke, Recruiter, Recruitment & Strategic Communications
John Turner, Director of Development, University of Advancement
Véronique McNelly, Professor of the Practice, French Studies

If you have questions about completing your pledge through this system, please contact