College faculty retirees: Barnes, Connolly, Friedman, Gibson, Goldstein

A guest post from the College

This is the first in a five-part series honoring College faculty who have retired in 2021 and 2020. Enjoy the linked profiles, written by faculty colleagues within their departments, honoring these incredible teacher-scholars and their lasting legacies.

Wake Forest University honors Bernadine Barnes, Ph.D., for 32 years of dedicated service to the University and its Department of Art, teaching courses on Italian art from the 14th through the 16th century as well as Northern Renaissance art, the history of prints and 17th-century European art; for skillfully incorporating prints from the Art Department collection, which she helped to develop; for thoughtfully focusing her research on Michelangelo, always with an eye toward how other people saw his work and what it meant for later artists.

Wake Forest University honors Jule M. Connolly, M.Ed., for 36 years of service to the University and Department of Mathematics and Statistics, serving as a dedicated, well-loved and consummately professional teacher; for often helping new faculty prepare to teach entry-level statistics and calculus by sharing her syllabi and well-prepared worksheets; for being the main force behind the creation and development of the Mathematics and Statistics Center at Wake Forest, demonstrating remarkable vision; for generously supported everyone who set foot through the department’s entrance, students and tutors alike; and for always placing her students and colleagues first.

Wake Forest University honors Mary L. Friedman, Ph.D., for 34 years of service to the University and its Department of Spanish and Italian as an eminent scholar of Gabriel García Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges, teaching intermediate and advanced classes in the literature of 21st-century Latin America with dedication and passion; for her dedicated service to the institution, particularly in the development of study abroad programs and mentorship of colleagues; and for being a compassionate colleague whose dedication to teaching and research exemplifies the teacher-scholar model.

Wake Forest University honors Carole L. Gibson, Ph.D., for 41 years of dedicated service to the University and its Department of Biology; for applying her research interests in cell and developmental biology not only to excel as a teacher of students preparing for careers in the health professions, but also to be impactful through her teaching of bioethics; for her substantial service to the University through leadership of numerous committees and the Faculty Senate; for having a major impact in many areas, including advancement of faculty quality of life, promotion of integrity in intercollegiate athletics and study abroad; and for her special fondness for Casa Artom, where she served as resident professor in Venice on multiple occasions.

Wake Forest University honors Louis R. Goldstein, M.F.A., D.M.A., for 42 years of service to the University and its Department of Music as a pianist of exceptional sensitivity and profound musical understanding; for being a beloved and award-winning teacher who served the University as a devoted professor and inspiring performer for more than four decades; for delivering recitals, lessons and courses that never failed to open minds and provoke thought; for serving as a persuasive advocate of music of our own time as well that of previous centuries; for his performances ranging from Haydn or Schumann to Cage & Feldman that were played with equal commitment and flair; and for inspiring students, devoted colleagues and grateful listeners.