Free, online webinar on housing loss in Forsyth County

A guest post by Wake Forest University News:

Last week, the University news office posted a story sharing Wake Forest’s research contribution to a groundbreaking study on housing loss. The study was conducted by New America, an organization based in Washington, DC. The report looks at housing loss nationwide and spotlights Forsyth County, (one of three deep-dive counties in the study) to determine who is most impacted and why. The Environmental Law and Policy Clinic at Wake Forest Law and the Department of Anthropology were key contributors to the project. Several apartment buildings with cars parked on the street outside

For those interested in the research findings and how they may be used to inform policies to help reduce eviction, foreclosures and housing loss, New America has scheduled a free webinar.

“Displaced in Forsyth County: Economic Mobility, Concentrated Poverty & Home Loss” will be held Thursday, Sept. 17, from 12 to 1:30 p.m. More information and registration are available on the New America website here.

Anthropology professor and housing policy expert Sherri Lawson Clark and Steve Virgil, professor and executive director of Experiential Education in the law school are among the panelists. The “Displaced in America” report and data are available here.