Update for Wake Forest staff

This message was sent on behalf of Executive Vice President Hof Milam:

Dear Staff Colleagues,

By now, I hope you have had a chance to read the latest update on campus plans from President Hatch and review the Our Way Forward website. While a great deal of information has been presented, I realize that several of your most important questions remain unanswered.

Among those questions asked most frequently:

  • When am I expected to return to campus?
  • What should I expect upon return?
  • What accommodations will be made for caregivers who may face childcare issues?

At this time, I want to offer an apology, reassurance, and a pledge.

Our team had hoped to address our process for arriving at answers to these questions and many more during the Staff Advisory Council forum that was victimized by hackers. We know how traumatic that experience was for those of you on the call. We’re sorry you were exposed to such vile language and imagery, and will take additional security steps on future virtual forums.

I want to reassure you that there are working groups dedicated to addressing questions specific to staff concerns. While return dates and expectations for staff may vary by work function and work area, we are coordinating planning efforts to create equitable work conditions across the university. Your return date will be determined by a combination of your expected interaction with students and the university’s ability to provide you with safe working conditions. 

Finally, I want to make a commitment to communicate more regularly with staff. You are vital to sustaining the mission of the university and deserve insight into the planning that will affect your work. We pledge to do better.

I want to invite you to submit your unanswered questions through our designated Human Resources form. We will work with the Reynolda Cabinet, supervisors and HR talent liaisons across campus to make them aware of your questions and empower them to provide you with answers, as well as addressing questions applicable to all of our staff colleagues through centrally distributed messages like this one. Expect to receive the next update on or before July 16.

Thank you for your understanding and for all you do for Wake Forest.

Hof Milam
Executive Vice President