Staff Advisory Council Zoom Bombing

Dear colleagues,

Earlier today, about 500 Wake Forest University staff were participating in a Zoom meeting sponsored by the Staff Advisory Council when hackers interrupted the call with racist language, anti-semitic imagery and other forms of abusive behavior. I am sorry that members of our community were subjected to such a vile, violent and threatening attack.

The meeting organizers took quick action, shutting down the call and attempting to restart, but unfortunately, the hackers retained access and continued their attack. Information Systems is looking into the origin of the attack. While Wake Forest protocol for Zoom calls was followed, a link that contained the password was shared online.

This was a traumatizing experience for many on the call, especially our Black colleagues, and it reinforces that we all have a role to play in protecting each other and our community from those who would seek to force their hatred upon us.

I encourage all those who might benefit from talking through the emotions provoked by this attack to take advantage of the resources made available through the Employee Assistance Program. I also encourage meeting organizers to consider canceling virtual gatherings for the remainder of the afternoon to allow staff the time necessary to process today’s experience.

I join you in the pursuit of a University that is safe for all, inclusive toward all and supportive of all. Thank you for joining me in that ongoing work.


Nathan O. Hatch