Allison McWilliams offers observations, recommendations on ‘getting back to normal’

Allison McWilliams

Allison McWilliams

In a Psychology Today blog this week, Allison McWilliams offers observations on how people are responding and adjusting (or not) to today’s “normal” as our world addresses the dramatic changes brought on by COVID-19.

“We are all, it seems, seeking a bit of normal these days.  We wonder when things will get back to normal.  We wonder what a ‘new normal’ will look like,” writes McWilliams, assistant vice president, mentoring and alumni personal & career development.

In the piece, she makes suggestions for “ways that we might emerge from this moment and hold onto some lessons, so that perhaps whatever ‘normal’ looks like in the future, it actually is better than what we had before.”

A brief summary of her suggestions include the following:

  • Be willing to work differently
  • Uphold and maintain the relationships that matter
  • Stop striving for (and expecting) unrealistic expectations of success
  • Pay attention to your health
  • Shut down and reboot

The entire Psychology Today piece is available here.

(Allison McWilliams is also a frequent contributor to Inside WFU, where she often writes on various topics related to mentoring.)