Civic and Community Engagement launches call for award nominations

This is a guest post from the Office of Civic and Community Engagement:

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement is excited to launch a call for nominations for our 2020 Community Engagement Awards. We encourage you to nominate community partners, students, faculty, or staff members who are going above and beyond in their service or advocacy work. To nominate, fill out a brief form. Applications are due on April 15, 2020 by 11:59 pm. You can send in your nomination by following this link.

Here is a brief outline of each award:

  • Student Awards:
    • Change Maker Award: This award specifically seeks to honor students who have demonstrated a long term commitment to social change and have worked to lead their peers in this commitment.
    • Christman Award: This award serves as a way to formally recognize a senior who has gone above and beyond to serve through volunteering their time as a Wake Forest student.
    • Student Organization Service Excellence Award: This award serves as a way to recognize a student organization that has demonstrated exemplary service to the community and the University.
    • First-Year/Sophomore/Junior/Graduate Student Service Excellence Awards: The Service Excellence Award is designed for students who demonstrate exemplary service to the community and the University. Four Service Excellence Awards are awarded to students – one for a First-Year student, one for a Sophomore student, one for a Junior student, and one for a Graduate Student.
  • Staff & Faculty Awards:
    • Faculty Service Excellence Award:  This award recognizes a faculty member who represents the Pro Humanitate teacher-scholar through their service to the broader community through incorporation of service-learning into their teaching & research and/or advising of community-engaged students.
    • Michael G. Ford Award for Servant Leadership: This award may be given to a staff member who shows exceptional skill in mentoring either junior staff members and/or students. Not only will this award help us remember the many ways Mike Ford has inspired leadership on campus and in the community, but will also serve as a way to formally recognize a staff member who carries on this legacy of servant leadership by doing the same.
  • Community Partnership Award:
    • Community Partner Service Excellence Award: The Community Partner Service Excellence Award recognizes community partners who contribute significantly to our vision of Pro Humanitate through their collaboration with student organizations, staff/faculty departments, courses and other community based projects.

If you have any questions about any of the awards or the process, please reach out to Deb Marke at