Chan offers insights into market for jobs, internships in new Q&A

Andy Chan

Vice President Andy Chan, in a newly posted Q&A on the Wake Forest News website, offers insights into the market for jobs and internships and suggests proactive ways graduates can move forward in a challenging economy.

Chan is vice president for innovation and career development.  During his leadership at Wake Forest, the University has become the national model for creating a college-to-career community designed to help students prepare for a lifelong career journey.  Recently, Wake Forest received the 2020 National Career Development Association’s Exemplary Career Center Program Award.

In his comments, Chan says that “the jobs available may not be exactly what grads expected, so they will likely need to recalibrate plans and expectations.”

He also encourages graduates to assess if they are “career ready.”  As he explains it, “A common mistake by job seekers is that they’re not well-prepared for every aspect of the job search which includes self-assessment, market assessment, personal branding, interviewing and networking.”

The full Q&A is available here.