Campus community encouraged to stay informed on weather conditions today

The following message was e-mailed to students, faculty and staff on Feb. 6 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged today, Feb. 6, to stay informed on weather conditions.  Unstable weather may continue today.  A tornado watch and a tornado warning expired.

Information about today’s weather, including current forecasts, is widely available on local TV stations, such as WXIIWGHPWFMY and Spectrum’s News 14.  Information is also easily accessed from other news organizations, such as The Weather Channel.

At Wake Forest, detailed weather information is always available thanks to WeatherSTEM stations on top of the Miller Center and the scoreboard at BB&T Field.

In the event of a weather emergency, Wake Forest would use the Wake Alert emergency notification system to communicate with students, faculty and staff.  Additional information is available here.